Servers, membership sites and helpful business education

Servers in most cases is where we share our space and information, its like a hodge-podge of data, that is optimised in various ways. Here on WordPress Tags hold a lot of this space, and since Tags generate messages between WordPress and search engine optimisation this can create a lot of downtime. Keeping your tags down to a minimum will ensure you and your hosting server will be happy.

Memberships sites this week have been very instrumental in the content that I have chose to listen to. Since I am one of the lucky ones with an education, albeit an undergraduate degree I have also been reevaluating my skills and am in addition thinking about what can I do on a local level to gain the necessary employment to continue on with my curiosity and desire to fit into society.

About four years ago, I like many took a night course that taught me lot about the fundamental things you need to learn in computer sciences, throughput output OSI layers, leads, configuring early windows computers and speaking within the local system of what I am sure you are aware the LANS and WANS. Yesterday I took the initiative and went over to Cisco and find out what they are doing, I kinda missed the boat a bit, because they had an event in the UK about 4 months, but I did notice that they are having another next year. I went to the event and looked at the speakers, one of whom was the main representative of this broad based computer sciences company. Now Cisco employ a lot of people and the system they use to educate is fascinating, since all the knowledge is like learning a new language and many of the actions in contrast require hands on playing around and group activities, even before you have the option to pay and enter for the exam. A great bit of advice especially since the price of education has really increased I think public, private and further or adult education would benefit a great deal from this type of screening. Since Cisco works closely with most academic associations I am sure this stuff I talk of have already been explored, tested and thought about. So why am I going on about it here?

Well Membership site or sites have taught me a lot to and also by exploring the names of representatives of these organisations and companies I have found information even before I have needed to know it. So its a good tip for you when you partake in these things. It was a good thing for me yesterday because I spent an educational hour listening to an MIT lecture with one of the reps from Cisco, the video is over five years old. Yet it explains the trails and tribulations of an organisation that employs so many members and juggles between the interests of the world and the exchange of information between all stations. It also explained how to troubleshoot, this guy speaks really fast, I am sure if you are a Cisco Illuminati you will already know who I mean. I also liked the respect attributed with any member or employee within the organisation and the level of communication that is offered as standard for being in such a command post.

So back to the membership sites which is the main reason why I began writing this post, I want to briefly mention three membership sites that are on offer in the next few months. If you are busy or are already acquainted with the sciences and steps needed to succeed online or wish to take your business understanding to the next level I would consider these three very carefully. Again in my experience one is never enough but if you find one and stick with it statistics show you will get better results within that group and chances are you will increase your understanding of skills, therefore have a deeper focus of what you can and more importantly cannot do.

If you do not already know my name is Robert Bridge and I am the writer on this blog, I have many blogs and have experimented with many different ways of communicating with the World Wide Web. I have had many good recommendations of single skills I should focus on and have gone through like many of you various PDFs and programs from a number of different sources, to many to mention here in this post. Some of the deeper knowledge has actually come from the providers themselves, but more often than not the knowledge I learned in the PDFs and programs gave me the knowledge and terminology needed to ask the right questions. With the next three membership sites I will try and explain the terminology on offer and the skills you can look out for as the days unfold and the data to help is revealed. A word of warning though and this goes to me to, knowbody wants to be teaching tyre kickers, it happens every year and often is the case the programs you choose will lead into more in depth knowledge whereby your teachers scan build a better relationship with you and bespoke the things you need to learn ( bit like a fancy suit form Saville Row).

OK the three membership programs I implore you to look out for only if you have the time mind is: Success-Bug | Thirty day Challenge | Ninety Day Challenge.

My final note is that I attended a webinar last night and had a good time, it was very late and I enjoyed what I heard and actively took part in the exercises suggested in the notebook. Not sure if this down the the MIT Cisco video before hand that got me into my knowing or the fact that the host of the webinar is possibly one of the best hosts on online, well done Larry Loik, and I believe it was his birthday this week, judging by his Face book profile he appears to have teamed up with The Apprentice US A’s Donald Trump, hope that is not to much of an understatement since Larry is working with many people these days. Which reaffirms my curiosity and perhaps my shortcomings of studying lots of interesting things. Have a nice day.

Mobile phones and cloud based software Adabas Natural and mainframes.

The PCA Agency the radio’s they use are specialist support, the national DNA database Police National Computers has been around for 30 years and is critical to all vehicles and all convictions in the world. The software platform it runs on is an Adabas system and Natural, this has been the case for over twenty years. This brings handheld devices information to be communicated with police to make places safer.


Global ANPR

Global ANPR

ANPR recognises reads through a machine and sends the data to the PNC which has the ANPR software and checks the details of the license plate. The main concern for the police right now is the Olympics held in London for the technology of hand held communications.

This German software has what is known as a back office within the office that has complex and well developed e-commerce and customer user options that appeal to a broad range of facilities developed in the Industry of IT. Adabas and Natural in its panel tracks IP addresses, measures the amount of hits to sites and web pages very similar to AJAX. These facilities include anything from forms and mainframes that give the user the ability to fill in the correct clustered files. This data is often very sensitive, for example the registries do not want such sensitive data available to the general public but equally many companies do not want their repositories intercepted. There can be many reasons for this and there have been recently over the past two years suggestions of Cloud based integration to minimise the amount of Bandwidth that is needed to hold this type of data, however Cloud based hosting has not yet managed to tick all the security required boxes. This is one reason why there are fears about cloud based software.

KPI Become a Key Peson of Influence
This increases production via the web and improves the ability to integrate new and further advanced open source software. The measurement of this data within the software can be converted in the graphs and bar charts. The medical industry use this software to report to their peers the statistics and numbers of cases and patients that they have served. This is also good for other services already mentioned like police services and is used on a global scale. This also appeals from stores like toy shops, mobile companies that sell mobile devices and accessories and have reportedly thanks to the software increased their productivity three fold since implementing the software.

Understanding this type of information and how IT have developed and packaged this type of data is revealed in the book, process Intelligence for Dummies. In this book you will find out how to track (KPI) the key performance indicators this in turn helps deliver data to the right places almost immediately and helps the users process the data within chosen array of options. By measuring KPI and identifying measurable and recorded data within the database, within a closed environment only accessible by members on the website and delegate roles and responsibilities to access the various layers within the (LANS) Local access and (WANS) worldwide data the world organisations can greatly improve and hybridise there skills and expertise through the accumulation of this data.

From a humanitarian perspective the software also has an additional blueprint based on research from companies like NASA who had to conceptualise data for cosmonauts and astronauts alike who would be going into scenario’s that would often have to be predicted before they could even be recorded. The merging of this information helped develop the template they offer in the software and as you can imagine this type of data is not only tailor made by blueprint but also has to be flexible enough to be upgraded as an when the new open source software that has been tested and approved, then in-turn can then be integrated into the software. The mainframes play a big part in this.

Since July of last year the suggested Cloud based research on smaller industries have been in place. The positive reasons outside of having to pay less money for bandwidth with the addition of quicker load-ability for countries where the internet services are much slower, there is an underlying thought about security.

The security claims are 99.9% however this data has not been proved recorded and statistically developed enough for Cloud based technology to get the nod with Police forces and medical records within hospitals and GP practices which rightly demand a 100% guarantee that sensitive and important data cannot be breached as indeed any other governance. A good example of this is when you take the tribal warfare principle and apply it to local services such as the Navy and there Round Table objectives, the services recommended to country has to be accountable to other companies and alliances within the world to improve the Globalisation procedures, but changing times require different levels of integrity.

This is enough to create many suspicious minds, but gleefully this position as globalisation becomes more of a reality is flattening out. Another suspicion is aimed at corporations and big bonuses because having access to the higher levels of such large databases, especially when the flow of money is included in the measurements the fear of tampering with the size of bonuses from Top down within the software is a reality. I’m sure the data within the software measures this to for every change there will be a recording of any internal edits made within the system.

Similarly there also abilities for people with the right key and have access to press the right buttons have the ability to manipulate the system, this is why I support 100% the development and ability to allow hybridisation of new software within any system as and when it needs to be adjusted. This is also why software that has the ability to break down companies structure to a granular level they can signpost and almost mind-map the synaptic and mnemonic links. This is why measurements online are important, but also it is important to understand how to not only use the measurement devices for example Google Addsense and know where to go with the Global tracking, know where and why to find the IP addresses, know IP Addresses in order to dismiss or possibly track the root of Flipped common IP addresses, to find the customer who actually seeks the service, or in some cases take additional steps to protect the database.

In conclusion technology has in part like businesses a constructed amalgamation of necessary small important components, and with each in place the product you get at the end is granular collection, some of these will have positive and negative impacts whilst others the system will not function without, sorting through all these things can help.


Secret Tips for Beginners Audio Recorded In Bath

Blogs are a very important marketing tool, but understanding the complete variables of blogging and trying to explain them to you in half an hour whilst in the bath still seemed a little incomplete, so rather than explain what I aready said in the audio this blog post has additional media text about other things you may want to consider.
audio recorded in bath

Blogging has been for many a medium to connect with people with similar interests. The blog is also a great way you can get up close and personal with writers, speakers, members of the media whom you may not normally be able to approach. You can download the video by pressing the link below or watch live on Blogging from the tub blogger,internet marketing seminar,many different things,bridge info,article marketing,ethical business,marketing tool,anticipation,creativity,variables,desire,speakers,languages,e book,niches

Defining blogging professionally as you I hope are aware, all depends on what it is you are trying to do. This sounds very simple but sticking at it and staying focused on your chosen topic and the style of appropriate ethical business you wish to be noticed for requires many different things. You will have to do your own research in -order for you to understand the basic key components you will need for your chosen industry.

Three Tips About Recorded Blogging

  • Are you selling or creating and building anticipation of a new e-book?
  • Maybe you are writing an information site that know body else can convey?
  • Perhaps you are doing many blogs and wish to simply brand yourself?

Any of these are good ideas and there are many more such as coaching teams or creating article marketing sites for other people to write content and enjoy your created community. Who know’s I hope you do, because from there you can take some reasonably projected goals that are congruent with what ever reason it is you blog for. I for example like to blog because a. I have a lot of knowledge about new media, b. I like writing, and also am c. very curious about the internet. This includes a desire to learn new languages and codes, and I have developed a new way of displaying my creativity. Some goals I have with this in mind are to brand my creativity more, some of this is mentioned in the conversation of me in the tub.

For more experienced bloggers

For those who are more experienced bloggers you may want to revise what you have in place, I mention this in the 34 minute audio movie. Please listen carefully as I juggle between key factors of a blogs layout, things you maybe taking for granted, and in doing overlooking some important crucial steps you can take to get better traffic and be taken seriously more by anyone with experience in blogging.

Much of the knowledge is constantly changing and as it does you will find the original methods of understanding relevant content online ebb and flow, this is why it is nice to read old books about computers that you may feel are irrelevant today. As Sun Ra said History has a habit of repeating itself.

To end this post Secret Tips for beginners that includes an audio video that I recorded earlier in the bath, I will just like to wish you the best of luck and remind you to use time wisely, this has been something I have struggled with over the years of blogging. In the audio I mentioned continuity again this is something I have struggled with on all blogs, but variety of rich media is something I definitely prescribe to anyone who wishes to get the maximum use out of blogging. There are some great people in blogging most of whom are much more focused than myself, but I do not think they have as much technical knowledge of subjects that I write about here. If you are struggling to understand what I am writing about again that’s fine. I explain a lot more throughout this blog the variables you may or may not have considered and within the audio in this post of me in the tub, I get more personal and reveal in depth knowledge about having a simple blog, the basics of having traffic trickling to your blog and the things that can help you monetise and understand a little bit more about spiders, logarithms of the internet and other cool stuff to make your blogs go and be viral.

Day before an Internet Marketing seminar

Learning the craft of internet marketing means going to internet marketing seminars networking with people and writing down the systems shared. In this post I will share some common mistakes I personally am making the day before these seminars occur. My name incase you do not already know me is Robert Bridge.

Being an affiliate and trying to break out on the scene is proving very tricky, if I am honest I do not know if I will be able to keep it up, I like the idea of owning a nice car, be able to pay rent on a house house and take my girlfriend out for a meal. I just do not think I have what it takes to discipline myself, you see I have a wonderful abundance of knowledge about everything, and specialise in nothing. My name is one in 43,600,00 million according to Google, Google has always been good to me but statistics now show Googe only has 2+% of all traffic globally online. Facebook for example has between 20 and thirty according to Ed Dale today over on The Challenge blog.

Today is another Internet Marketing seminar a good one at that. Tom Hua and team at World Internet Summit is where I met last year some amazing coaches, marketers, entrepeneurs and business owners who seek to leverage there skills and business’s online. Last year I spent a lot of time outside talking to people, hanging around ashtrays smoking far to many cigarettes. This year I quit about two months so that should be different, but here’s the thing its 6.13am and I’m still up typing, listening to webinars, squeeze pages and deleting e-mails.

About four months ago I decided to align myself with something given to me cheaply to promote, a product hosted over on Hostmonster, that product was Bodybuilding its my birthday today and I just got an e-mail in about 4.00am from saying happy birthday, the day before I got a nice leaflet drop from The Global Information Network congratulating me on being a great GIN member. So I have been replying to everyone, replying to affiliate launchers showing them my screen shots of my abysmal results and just wish I could figure out where I am going wrong. Truth be known I stopped working ot in the gym about 2 months ago, I have been in-doors for about six days and today I gotta go out and attend a really good Internet Marketing seminar. If I lucky later on a girl is accompanying me to a restaurant she booked in London’s busy west end.

The day before an internet summit preparation is definitely key in hindsight every-night before I should have already printed out some cards with my details, perhaps make something nice that stands out. I have a heap of cards lying around my computer and in hindsight perhaps I should have organised them immediately when I got home. Being a graduate of the media ( I get my scroll and hat in a few weeks) I should know better when it comes to contacts, but for some reason the day before an internet marketing seminar my whole world just seems to turn upside down. Perhaps you have noted my absence or seen me come in later than everyone else. Its not because I am a celebrity or anything its because I can be very disorganised. Basic IT skills from both college and university have taught me about time spent in front of a computer, having a comfortable seating posture and keeping my feet and eyes in the correct position. Can anyone relate here I get really distracted.

Well today is my birthday and I stop putting myself down and share with you the fundamental mistakes one can make the day before something. Having the postcode on the mobile phone helps especially with Google Maps it is a great way of not getting lost, I use an Android, most people have Blueberries or I-phones but they all having mapping devices so that’s a good one to stop you from getting lost.

The next thing is printing out the cards perhaps a couple of days in advance rather than leaving it till last minute, after typing this blog post I will print some out, they do help I think. I think it is probably good to get into a routine of going outside and getting fresh air that helps too. I like chatting on Facebook and because it is my birthday soon there has been a lot of activity there. Its nice when people like what I share, after all I share just about everything. Purchasing Internet marketing products however has taught me to know my worth and stop sharing new strategies I have learnt but-never get time to follow through after implementing.

I think having your clothes ironed and hung out ready for you to just slip into is good to, because I have been up all night that will not be necessary although I will put something fresh on because later this evening I want to smell good. I may even attempt ten press ups again. Having nice shiny shoes would be a touch, I shall invest in some boot polish soon and the last thing and I end on this is always keep your ticket handy mine always seems to go missing at the last minute, hope this helps somebody. As ever leave your blurbs down below. In my next post I will explain a little about why I been slow writing on this blog, and if the truth be known the only reason I wrote this post was yesterday I said to another blogger I would try and make a post because his post was very motivational about writing posts and also I just listened to a video by Shawn Collins made in 2007 an affiliate marketer who speaks about blogging you can watch it here I found it quite helpful and somewhere above I will squeeze in a link to the Internet Summit in Heathrow that starts this morning, it is on in London Heathrow area for the next three or four days.

If you are thinking about organising an internet seminar and want a comprehensive explanation of the variables involved the people you work with, speakers and getting the right crowd to your seminars, in-fact this is so far the most comprehensive analyse of internet marketers in 2010 by Larry Loik who is according to Joel Bauer the best and most passionate marketing seminar organiser.

Internet Marketing Bootcamp.