Some Interesting Tweets from Twitter 24th Dec

It is Christmas Eve just turned christmas day, happy Christmas to all readers I think you may find this post useful. I have compiled this post as best I can of 30 minutes spent on Twitter. You can do a similar thing if you wish to find and document content. Many people however are using this method more by mobile phone by using what is known as a clipboard extract. There are two places that I know of and use to do this but there are many other ways you can share relative content on your blogs.

Why would you want to do this in the first place? Well its just a good way of reinforcing what it is you are already doing, if you know specifically what it is you are doing it is probably because you have years of experience or you are following the current trends. Indeed if you are following current trends the chances are those sources of information that find the trends and make synaptic links between a hybrised way of carving out a micro niche within your industry the more chance you have of someone re posting your content. More chance of being invited to write on their blog and more chance of being recognised as a valid user of the information technology and rich media tools available.

Another thing that is noticably happening within business organisations is the closed form of sharing, you can notice this when all micro messages are simply replies to each other, outside of Web2.0 free space there is the usual chat messaging and Voip system where relative information is being shared. This type of business is good for focusing a team and as they get closer to there goals and coherently understand what it is they each do, within any delegation process of successful companies you can begin to get an incite into the reasons why ROI and RU (UK) or (USA) is so high. If you are a Key person of influence in what topic you represent you can then go public with whatever it is you know know. That is what I love about the internet, the information is there you just need to know what are you going to do with it. A painting is a good analogy and the inforamtion is the paint. Over the next few weeks I will spend more time logging in here and compiling relevant links for you to enjoy.

Hopefully by now after reading my posts you will be seeing some continuity in what I am sharing, but as I say this I instantly understand where I am going wrong. I am interested in many things and an expert in nothing, my personality is closed but I do go out and meet people. My entrepeneur mindset needs a lot of work done if I am to suceed online. The excuse for this is I suffer from bouts of insecurity and self worth. I use many audio’s and e-books o rectify this but my memory accumulates as much as it can hold. This is the downside of inforamtion, the overload factor is difficult to juggle and whenan aha moment comes it is difficult to explain. If it is difficult for me then I am sure it is also difficult with big businesses, but the group mind and restriction of sharing inforamtion that does not apply to someones role will iron out a lot of creases. This I am sure of so, with that said below are some posts from Micro Site Twitter.

inspiredmag Inspired Magazine
  by robertbridge

7 Fabulous Tips & Tricks Daily Sources for Designers & Coders

Econsultancy Econsultancy
  by robertbridge

Can carrier billing save Android Market?: Google’s Android operating system may be a prominent fixture in the mo…

BrandRepublic BrandRepublic
  by robertbridge

The social-media Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today by @ciaranj @cmrlee @candacekuss

LDN Everything London
  by robertbridge

The 10 best new London restaurants of the year

Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #london_uk #music #media #language #social_networking #wellness

@rustybrick Thanks very helpful for people in UK and everywhere else.

Barry Schwartz
  by robertbridge

Weekly SEO Video ready at & text version at

BBC News – Toy Story: Inventor reveals the secret life of Christmas toys

Just made yet another free blog again not sure when I will login next I have so many other hosted ones which is taking up time, need rosta!

My @ is 4. What is yours? Why not get your personal profile here?

Robert Bridge

Check out ‘Managing User-generated Content and Defining Value in the Digital Age…’ by Kay Cahill (Hardcover – Feb…

Christmas eve was fun so now Merry Xmas its Christmas day again.

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