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It is a Monday, I have been busy reading books, using Twitter to communicate with anyone who wants to tweet, and I have also been watching video’s on Youtube. As I am sure you are aware it is very easy to get distracted. There are so mnay different forms of media, its very easy to get caught up with all the clutter. I have been suffering from procrastination. The fear of doing something productive has kept me in the kitchen munching on biscuits, the new knowledge of books that I has invested in this week and books which have mysteriously turned up in the mail have grounded me. Although it requires a lot of concentration and focus to understand what they mean and how they can shape my future.

The most practical thing I have done this week is turned to my book of goals and created a six step process i tailor made as I interpret the laws of focus, action and results. Its been a fair attempt and an ongoing struggle you see there are many minor things that hold me back from productivity. In this post I will share with you some of the solutions that I have learned along the way to make me in my home get more done and focus when everything around me seems cluttered and confusing. This is a self development post but also includes some top tips for anyone using social media, who wants content to compliment what they are already sharing with a mobile phone. My hope is this will get you out the house more because I would not wish being in doors as much as me on anyone.

First let me introduce myself, my name is Robert Bridge, I live in London and am avidly using social media in one form or another. I have been a blogger with WordPress for a few years and like getting creative.

I also like media and language since this was an avenue I choose in social sciences education. That was a couple of years ago and have not had the chance to invest more in my education. I have been lucky to meet new friends who are very educated in what they do, and they have been going through my choice of books old and new and highlighting the most relevant for the transformation that I so wish to experience. This year has been a struggle I have been indoors for most of it. It has manifested slough and a bit of a stutter. Speaking to people helps, going out to various events helps even more but actually achieving simple things everyday is the biggest boost that I can think of. Recently I realise my thinking is manifesting results but is also manifesting fear and confusion. I miss my pops who died recently, well actually over a year now, my granddad passed a few months before my pops. They were amazing people and both achieved amazing things. Recently my nephew (my sisters kid had a bit of an accident on the road and hurt his foot). These things have really held me back and have strangely distanced myself not just from the world but my family and old friends.

Here is the thing, when I go out with what I know I put on a very brave face and dress becomingly so know one notices my stutter and cluttered mind. In the house when need be I also dress as smart as possible to help me focus. Sometimes I prefer to wear something more active for exercise. I have been very lazy and my hobbies and fitness movements have also been effected, my thinking can talk me out of taking action, hence the reason why I have been working simple tasks to focus. The great thing is they seem to be working. There are still some things about me that I am not so proud of like being a bit of a cheapskate and smoking rollies. My hope is that in October I can join the masses and stop smoking or at least stop for the duration of no smoking week. Also I often have late nights munchies and no I should not do this because my belly is getting bigger and in November I will be over the hill 40. But enough about me I will now add some tips about Twitter, you put up with my moaning and groaning so I think you deserve a reward. Now this information is not something you could not already find on the Internet in all the main places. But it is something that I find helpful.

Twitter if you do not know is a microsite that many people use in the west to communicate. Mainstream media stars use it and it is readily spoke about on TV and news. Its a great way to get involved in Q & A and often people air there opinions about various things.

Sometimes people even air their daily feelings, but most as I sure you agree see it as a business tool, a place where you can advertise. A place to grow a following of interesting people. A place to absorb news from websites like this. Some see Twitter as there way of getting readers from the site and the use of its multi platform api. As I already mentioned this website framework is WordPress and there are many plugins that help but twitter has its own API for a widget which is perfectly fine. They have also more recently added a way of joining your Twitter account with your website. What this means is when you tweet a post from your site or anyone else’s, at the bottom it will show your URl web domain link. Cool huh. The best place to read more about how to implement this is over on a site called Triber. They also have there own commenting system but is a good place to find step by step instructions to mingle your Twitter account with you Twitter handle.

ow whilst I am blurting out all what I have learned this month through using Twitter here is another really cool tip and its about Twitter search. The API application is called TweetChat now the great thing about Tweetchat is that when you link it with your account you can safely search any hash tags and below will flow a list of people also using the hash tags. You can also re tweet or share there messages.

On a lighter note there ar Twiends e more powerful ways of utilising hash tags but I will not be recommending them here since it can get you account suspended and I do not want to be partisan to anything like that. Lets just say there are ways to follow lots of people with hash tags. If you are ok with follow lots of people in attempt to get more followers my suggestion is. Yes it still works and the code that can be found online follows as many people as possible on the topic of your choice. I am not going to add the javascript here for that one, but will point out you need the right script for the right type of browser you are using to search the Internet.

This week on Twitter a new header box was enabled. Now this means you can add an image, my suggestion is you use an image that is either very basic or something that you have captured yourself. If you notice a drop in followers when you add it let me know because I am interested and have read people have experienced this this week.

Observation number three. I have been on Clickbank for over three years and have not had any luck what so ever. However I have been schooled in the ways of targeting relevant people to send them various links, it happens to me a lot. I do not do these things much anymore and am more interested in good content.

But just in case I will tell you the two mistakes people make with there hoplinks or affiliate amazon links and that is Bit.Ly/ Bit.Ly is a link shortner, it s really good but if you use an affiliate link it does not work, well it does but it shows a warning page. Know one ever clicks past warning pages so please do not fall into this trap. As you know you can get your own cloaked hoplink from the Clickbank account, you may also know that you can join your website with a Clickbank API that transforms your hoplinks automatically into untraceable affiliate links. The thing is if you want to make money online Clickbank is the place of choice, god know why because a lot of the information products are over priced and rehashed junk. My hope is soon to create a membership site where you can login and have a butchers round and be amazed by all the content. If you are thinking about buying a product on clickbank leave me a comment here and I will let you know if it is on my load of crap list. That aside Clickbank is a good place to get things going and the video’s the sales video’s are if anything very entertaining. If you fit into a certain category then the products may be golddust, but chances are like me you already have a mountain of information to get through. That’s why it really helps to have positive people around you who are able to distinguish between a winning formula and a secret code that know one has the time or money to understand.

I am very lucky that I am surrounded by the leaders in this feild and do dabble in this type of learning. The thing is I would not recommend it to someone like me who is trying to succeed and promote or create something special. I am very supportive but at the same time realistic, educated and free.

In my favour as I hope you agree I am confident, passionate about what I am doing and open to better suggestions. Currently I am focusing my mind on things that can help the world be a better place. I like the idea of a recyling robot and like many look in awe at the technology with all its possibilites. And have a good sense and experience of long term things that can add value if you use correctly and have a plan that traces back to a clear goal.

Now I am working backwards there so if you are reading and have an Adnroid phone then download my6sense its really cool way of sharing. Now if you have many Twitter accounts you can still share this with all them via Hootsuite. Hootsuite mobile app on Android again is really cool and not clunky at all. Some clunky aps on Android have always been vopi activated. So that’s Skype and now Viber. Viber is purple, its cluncky but the possibilities for a bargain hunter like me are truly awesome. Its free to phone any mobile on your contact list as long as they have the app too. And who would not want that, great for people on the move. The thing its best to have a wireless connection so if you are in a hotel or at a friends make sure you have access via password so you can call free worldwide your mobile buddies.

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2013 Social Media Digital World Trust

The social media discourse continues, giving more information for consumer industries to ensure the countries that need the work get it. What you think of as a conversation is something inside of your boxed description. The digital world trust is growing, its moving into smaller spaces, people in the US with experience of using Google Glass and finding out that not all spaces welcome Google Glass users. Robert Scoble has a new book out and will be in London next Thursday Friday event which I have made a link for you to check out. This post is about my observations, on the backend I have noticed a few comments saying my posts are becoming boring, even more interesting is these posts go straight into the Askimet spam filters, so with that said I will react to my understanding of disruptive economics the right way. Another point I want to explore is the word channel, what is it and why is it good to tune into a channel and listen regularly. Also as ever I will share a little bit about Twitter, Facebook experiences from around the web, noticed from leading sites that are doing innovative stuff and stand out enough worth mentioning here on Robert Bridge Buddy Blogger Communications.

The first notification starts where I started of, outside of explaining simple things like how to use your mouse on computer, the fear of the cloud. Lots of CEO sit around talking about and sharing how they store things on their database and how they do their best not to have purchasing data public. These conversations made two years ago, still continue. The 99% security still exists and the variety of options have shrunk due to the togetherness, locally here in the UK we still continue to do what is the easiest thing to do, throwing bandwidth on product launches, during sales of seasonal products and clients who like the sports car hosting. The point here is to explain the timelessness of this subject, nothing much has changed other than options, price tiers and small innovative companies being bought out by bigger companies who are the real disruptive figures you should be looking out for. If you and your small team are developers how long before its time to sell and disappoint your customers. Can we trust websites, or are they just selling out data. Have you taken time out to develop your skills in one pocket of the Internet only to find this style of social media is sold out to IPO.

The glass raised. You walk into a pub in the USA with a Google Glass only to be told to leave the premises. Is it really possible live streaming is such a bad thing. Are people in the premises right to say they do not want to be filmed? Here is the argument. You walk into the airport and look into the eye glass, the retina reader compliments your passport, do you come away from this process with a black eye, like you would see on the telescope jokes on Tumblr of priates and North Korea, no I do not think it is that. You are in the pub having a meal or a light refreshment before the journey home, you deserve privacy, live streaming could get you in trouble at home or might mean you get pulled over for a breathalyser test. That is if the NSA really is watching Google live streaming. I am sure if they are it is purely for entertainment reasons, or is it part of the new enrolment economy. Where US move into CCTV positions as symbolism, cryptography and Geography become a closed shop of old done for data. Perhaps the movement is a disruptive pattern from the minority report future to stop in its tracks the WallE effect of tubby guys and gals driving around in computer cars not really having to do much other than engage in the chip landscape. I really do not know because I have no experience with using Google Glass, personally I think that if it gets people out of their homes, away from their computers and provides more rich media to add to social media, then its a good thing. I am curious like many to how long the battery lasts, perhaps this is something iApple can take on board and improve upon if needed.

Before I forget here is the link to the event next Thursday or Friday Dec 2013 with Robert Scoble from Rackspace.

Moving swiftly on I want to talk about big companies like Google and the workplace. A few years ago, everyone wanted to be accepted a join the long list of maybe’s to fly to the moon with Google or version. What we see now is the recruitment process. Recruitment of the Beautiful Minds, stuck in jobs with companies that struggle to emulate what companies used to be. The factory model has moved to areas in the world that need it leaving many people displaced, less well of but happy with being busy, hence social media and social interactions. Social Media takes a lot of effort to understand, its easy to find the coaching, and even quicker to create a conversation. That said if you have not been keeping up, not been doing the things that people do, or have the image and photograph aligned with what you are doing do that now. Whether you like it or not someone is pleased to see your face in search, icons and symbols always take a back burner. Cartoons evoke a nostalgic follow, in places where people missed the boat on the Simpsonisation. Its the cultivation of being just like them. Its the Quaballah, Cabalah, Kaballah, its the Christ Head, The Mary Magdalene, the angels club, the Harry Potters screaming root, The new Doctor Who’s and assistants, the reliving of Lost, Heroes and other forms of TV Glue. Its the badges people wear, cultivating the global prefect. Snobs being overshadowed by the balancing of scales. The clock is ticking, people are learning new languages, relationships are happening where people least expect. People grow old a learn how to fix things, not the other way road, grow young, buy and break things.

2013 Social Media Digital World TrustHave you noticed there are too many changes? In 2008 I was really excited about change, but just like every other fad from breakdancing to Yoga I soon got board, this reinforces my subconscious limiting belief that everything has a time code attached to it. For me this is the one thing that has held me back from accelerated embracing of the digital economy in a world of incubators, dragons den and big companies that have wasted a lot of other peoples money and are now looking for more. You will have to apply to understand, you might fit, chances are you message will be diluted and at some point you will have to conform. So go to that event but remember be yourself, if you mess up who cares, if you are restricted by in-house guidelines of how to carry yourself, in my books done incorrectly you are just a robot, a member of the what am I doing economy, or how long before all this collapses Tribe, the worker bee’s educating a nest of someone else’s iShuffle playlist. You watch video’s about how workdays are consisting of traffic jams and staying cool on the motorway. Companies to high up in the sky its little wonder the world is flattening. The innovative companies are only human, they jump on other peoples ideas with the money they buy out these small companies, you see disappearing. And somewhere in these companies you will see ex entrepreneurs with a few million pounds in their back pocket with a big frown on their face. Real people are in love, real people fall in love everyday and the workplace is from the top down a hornets nest of swapping things. As people look to old values for peace the computer space provides a landscape for people to re charge batteries before going back out in the summer to suck from the flowers that make the world bright, smell fresh and look good when shared on Google+. The conversations from this are nothing compared to the conversations after an exchange of services. The original fears of computers, turn into new understandings, where religions have ventured with loan companies and gloabl governments have joined together at the nose with neighbours around the local authorities teaching information that no one understands, were talking about sebsections of numbers crunching and observational tests to win. Its only at the end of week 12 you see the whole pattern, why not show the full numbered pattern first in a digital format instead of handouts and lever archer files?

Final entry is about Chanel, channels, chanelling, challenging alongside apparel e-commerce excitement, everyone being the BBC, too many channels on the box and churchs opening up online, moving from the hypnotic space to the nostalgic phone a friend. The new economy is so unreal its little wonder channelling is siad to attract all kinds of loonies and its only when you realise we are all part of this lunacy and confusion do you understand the new roles online available, blind leading the blind, the Pied Piper playing an amazing tune. Anyone has an oppurtunity to create and get 15 minutes of fame and continue to please themselves rather than impress the snakes in the apple tree of life. Chanel was discussed humorously a few years ago of technology you can smell a fee inches away, scratch screen, driving people back into stores to buy other things. Nothing beats the experience of going into a store and buying something you did not expect to get, the Internet is the same thing. Offline however consumables rule the roost, saves hoarding, no need for more cloud space, no worries about digital details being lost. You in a business do not have to worry about how to fix what you paid to set up. Your free, this is the word of the self elected 2013 Social Media Digital World Trust. You don’t have to worry about gadgets, leads, transfer of packets, sites being blocked in the sharing economy as the race for stats, ad space and paid advertising converge.

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Unboxing of the RNA Drops [video 2]



Its the unveiling of the box, this video is from the archives of YouTube my second video diary for the RNA drops. There are a lot of video’s on-line but none as compelling as mine. This video I mention and comment on the service the company provided from the ghetgo. It has been mentioned that I have become younger since the last video. I do not have anything to say on this matter. This video diary is how I see it in the beginning. Please also before you watch this video have a good read here because there are a few things I want to tell you about before you race over to Youtube and watch the video.

RNA DNA at first I thought is not something to trifle with, its a chemical so it must be weird or something, hmm. It took me two years to get over this notion, that two years flew really fast. I missed out on getting in front of the whole experience. My time to join in the party came after two years of listening to testimonie, I be honest I did not want to hear testimonies, I just wanted to listen to the conversations, engage with the team online of people who a looking for all kinds of reasons to improve life. I like the show on Achieve Radio, it is a great station and the show is James Martinez Cashflow. Lots of people are now listening. In the beginning I am led to believe there were only about 11 listeners, which made me a one in eleven unless you do not count me and there are 11 other people out there for which this show was targeted towards. Either way whatever it is and whatever has been said does not amount to much becuase everything prior to those days according to Ion reports is obsolete, that means everything has changed. Nothing much has dissapeared, everyone is still there and if truth be told I had not been let down once. Bob, James and Carolyn always over delivered with information, entertainment, music and special guests. You could say I was a fan of the show.

So please bare that in mind when watching the diary video’s you should do a lot of background on these drops before you dive in a make a decision. That said from day one the advice has been, just get them, leave all the questions behind you and enter this world of knowing. Sounds really daft, right, I agree it sounds nuts but you have to listen to believe it. I must say you do need to understand a few things. If you are a fan of Youtube over the past few years, then you have already been exposed to this stuff. The digital imprint left on people is already happening, I mean it has already happened.

There is not enough substance to what I am trying to say the best thing is to go over to my video and watch as I open the box and put the first drop under my tongue. Why do I do this, well that is what it said to do on the instructions. I am sure if you are still reading you have already seen other people talk about the drops on the Internet. Perhaps your just a fan of Bob, Ion of Carolyn and feeling a bit left out by not taking the drops. Watch my video this might help to know whenever you do give it a blast what to do to document your own journey on the fastest path to joy.

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RNA Drops Diary October 2012


RNA Drops Diary Last year first video, watch the video above from Youtube then look out for more videos’ from the archives. The first video you get to see the dropbox and I share my hopes and goals.

I know it is a bit of a tedious process anyone who understands the secret Abraham’s , Proctors version and the Campbell version will know why I do this sort of thing. The first installment is free and that is the one where I share strengths, goals and the vision for the future.

The usual order goes next into the fears, the problems, the things that are holding you back, the things that make you think yes I am stuck too, therefore how can I get unstuck. The usual rubbish, please follow along, turn to whatever page you want and let me know if this helped below.

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Is your business moving to the cloud?

Moving to the cloud

business cloudBusiness use servers to store data, from important files and receipts to PDF’s, photo’s and site maps, website scripts or codes and all types of proposals.

This sort of thing has been going on for years and years and the data and security is done in a number of different and arduous ways, for example simply removing recorded cartridges from the server room everyday means lots of physical space is need to store this data.

The cost of running a server also means not only having the space and pay for the land or office space.

Within organisations most staff is told how to manage files and receipts, but they still make mistakes.

They save documents with the wrong type of characters, or they save documents with too many characters, on your own server this may be fine. In most cases when it happens these errors will be there and not really be noticed as files are moved or stacked up in one place.

You cannot turn back the clock and even if you did you would not even know how to retrieve it. This post is about migrating from a local server or a business server that you are not happy with from one place to another. The data you have, you may be considering backing your files and business to the cloud based servers.

The way you have run your business may have been bespoken and use a number of different types of software to create the aesthetics and feel to customers, clients and leads. This can cause problems when migrating, just like the misuse of characters.

The most common cloud based software with the most readily available support out there to troubleshoot and still migrate even with all these errors in place is SharePoint. Other solutions that have more options but still privy to the same difficulties when it comes to migrating files is Citrix previously known as Citrus.

SharePoint 2010 is what I will talk about here. From reading this you will be able to migrate all your files safely and easily but more importantly without any errors that will slow down the upload process.

If you are thinking about moving to SharePoint this article will help you do so without any errors and minimal risk of the loss of files. But at the same time as already mentioned if you have years and years of stuff or have files in all types of hybridised formats you want to know where they are so you can do the arduous task of reformatting and straightening out the compatible standard structure for your complete cloud based backup. And when you’re ready and confident everything is in place you can downscale your business to the cloud.

Once you are confident everything is uploaded into the cloud and all your staff are made aware of the improvements you could even from this move cut out a lot of office bills on a global framework.

Cloud based software is 99% security secure.

Receipts and figures you have in one format require access at different levels, these types of levels have always been present and SharePoint utilises these common things very well.

The first rule of thumb in business is the sharing of documents with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF formats, photographic images of locations, sites goods products etc. Your business may also have lists of clients linked with receipts and used in a follow up process that you have over time compiled, this is just something by association you will understand, is also a very basic tangible explanation.

When you choose to move your data, you will no doubt be convinced by someone who knows what they are doing that they can move your files. SharePoint is accessible to all, and the SharePoint forums and chats are very comprehensive.

It does not matter how clever you IT person is who is migrating he or she will come across errors.

Moving to the cloud

London Renewable Phone Box in Tottenham Court Road

You can make life a lot easier for yourself by reading the simple steps in this document and could even recommend your IT person reads this document before they boldly go out migrating or backing up your data to the SharePoint Cloud.

Before I mentioned the tips to avoid the errors and before I explain what types of errors occur or how to deal with crazy invisible shortcuts appearing as errors when you begin migration.

I am going to explain the costs and how it will completely transform your business.

Getting used to Cloud for all your staff will cost money, when you come to scale down your business you will save thousands perhaps millions.

It’s an option that gives staff more flexibility and it’s much easier for people to work from home in your organisation. The internal communications is all in house.

Whether you are using office communications with Cisco phones or using Skype or some other chatting software you can be more confident with delegating accounts for all your staff.

They will have to be coached to use the in-house software how you want to use it especially if you allocate them an account. And the great thing is it does not matter how exclusive or qualified staff are, or who is getting paid the most because everyone will still have the same priced membership.

The price only differs depending on the numbers of people in your organisation.

The more people the less you will pay per month to have additional people access to the files. This is great news if you are a global business and is great news if you are on the move.

It also offers mobile support where you can access your account from your handheld phone. Most people right now will be doing this through their computers, I mention this only to add to the wow factor in relation to the fear factor of that 1% chance of security issues.

I personally think most people are not interested in your grubby receipts and reciprocal messages, although any photocopied bums or boobs should definitely be kept in house.

That’s just me being silly, sorry I do that from time to time just to check you are awake. Apologies for waffling where was I. Imagine having an office that costs hardly anything, imagine reducing your electricity costs by giving yourself and your staff proprietary cloud based access to everything you need.

By giving everyone access to a SharePoint account you will also be giving them certified licenses for all the usual material. Great for storing presentations, great for sharing and updating files and documents and great for archiving all the important stuff.

You can find out the cost for each membership.

You could count the number of staff you have and times that by the number accounts you would need to have with the price for each in relation to the discount you get for more people.

The hosting location is accessible anywhere in the world; the cloud database is in USA and other places. Accessing these is high security and is secure, but no more secure than someone guessing your password to your computer.

If you worry about these things then you really should not be in business.

Working online is the easiest way to leverage your business, taking things to the Cloud is a great practise and if you get the hang of things you could completely close down at any time expensive offices without having to worry about security issues or worry about finding the one or two people in the world who understand your bespoken IT property.

Share Point is by far the most knowledge savvy schooled software. The price is right to. Microsoft has lot s of synergy and you can create a bespoken way of doing things.

If anything by levelling the playing field of all your data you will be able to transfer easily to other places. Here are the two things that you will findout in this document and two things only how to cut out all the mistakes, and how to find the files to report back or instantly address and edit so you can shift it to the SharePoint.

Before you start thinking and getting confused and want to identify with all the problems here is a three part video where a few people discuss cloud based problems one of the members are a part of the Devere Group whom gave me a job interview a couple of years ago, even though I did not get the job I am very grateful they gave me an opportunity for an interview.

The only other company that has responded to my applications here in London is the single supermarket Harrods and I am grateful to them too.

Listen to the terminology and observe how the servers and hosting problems and bandwidth problems are being addressed. The video uses completely different frame work models that have addressed and still do address the security issues. And yes there are security issues as already mentioned 1% chance of your data being penetrated by the masses.

Steve Wosniak addressed this recently in one of his Key note speeches. Steve Wosniak works for Apple he and the late Steve Jobs made Apple a trusted consumable well branded tool that people love.

Microsoft are more windows based, most businesses in the past have used Windows. Mac are creating their own Cloud based solutions, I believe it is called I Cloud you can look this up if you have time.

For the meantime let’s stick with the program here. The instructions that I am teaching here can be learned very quickly and before long you will be able to either implement or advise or understand how a company can easily migrate to the Cloud where things are much faster, more organised and much more user friendly, and remember again (I maybe repeating myself here) you can cut down on your office space and server space plus maintenance costs.

I think I have already done the maths equation for you above. Continue onward for the YouTube video’s provided by Devere Hotels Group.

Part One: youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoZwqMq3z3c
Part Two: youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2Cl4rChWiE
Part Three: youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ichdaJ7btk

Secondly I want you to take a look at the Citrix software Wikipedia page, study it in conjunction with what you here in these three videos.


Thirdly go over to SharePoint:


In the next post I will send you the links to software to search your computer when migrating files before you actually do it. this will save you a heap of time and will help you find files that have not moved so when you do move you will not get complaints from the companies experts who do know what’s missing and will let you know of this getting things right will not only speed up the process but also help you trouble shoot thousands of files in bunches rather than one at a time. It will also help you replace any symbols that are of key.

I will also highlight the common problems that can go wrong when multi adjusting these symbols, and special things you can do to share with whoever you are migrating files for to prove your time spent on this project.

Being certified is one thing but actually getting the job done and getting paid is another. You will have to be able to instil confidence and also deal with problems before they arise. You will not find this anywhere else in one place.

If you are lucky enough to be reading this now, you can make a donation at any point to me at the PayPal button somewhere on this page. If you are anxious and have any questions you can give me a call its 07920401194, my name is Robert and I am no expert I just know things that people need to know.

When you purchase through the link on this page you can have this bonus by visiting


You just need to ensure that the order form says [affiliate=robbwindow] at the bottom.
Please note that this bonus is my special gift to you and is not the responsibility of the vendor whose product you are purchasing or ClickSure (who handle the sale).
So if you have any issue regarding my bonus, such as a problem downloading, please come directly to me at [robbridge@live.co.uk]where I will be pleased to help.

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Global Positioning Updates Via All In One Webmaster

Daven Michaels and Robert Bridge

Daven Michaels and Robert Bridge

Daven Michaels and Robert Bridge

All In One Webmaster is a plugin that I recommend here on Robert-Bridge.info especially if you have a website. In this post I will share with you how this plugin can help you with other sites that are not necessarily Word-press sites. All In One Webmaster is a great template for you to easily implement here on WordPress and as such will help you with other pages to be tracked, get more traffic and measure the amount of traffic you get and the places where people are referred from. The Webmaster plugin found inside the plugins of WordPress has a decent list of places where you should have your websites listed. Each site has individual features which I will share a little about with you so you can get an idea of what I mean. Prior to this my hope is that you implement these measurements onto all your pages, as I will do. The reason why I am doing this is I know a lot of you are implementing new ways of getting traffic and the I figure you will want a comprehensive record of all these areas of traffic. The information I provide I assume is well known, but an explanation and guide is needed for me and anyone I recommend this plugin to. If you are a visitor to this site you have two options so that I can keep you inundated with similar news. Firstly the usual Feed burner option means you will receive these posts direct into your e-mail (great if your on the move and reading on mobile devices like phones or tablets. Secondly you could go one better and join the e-mail list found below at the bottom right of this page. Just leave your name and best e-mail and I send you more detailed information to help you on your way blogging or marketing online.

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Relaxed and sleepy awake and energised


Two statements from two sides of the field your either relaxed and sleepy or awake and energised. Having these two things at the right moments is crucial to getting stuff done online at maximum capabilities.

Relaxed, Awake, Energised or Sleepy Bones

When relaxed you are open to new ideas, you may even awake from this and at the height of your energised state you will take these new additions that come from the source of you and put into what is being said.

The fact that I am even talking about this topic means I must be slipping into the theda waves that the brain goes to when confused and sleepy. I like being relaxed and like being sleepy when sleep is the thing you must do. Sometimes deadlines mean you need all the energy you can get. I will leave three of my own tips that bring energy to the forefront. This may or may not help you maximise what you are doing.

  1. How organised are you and what is your routine and how flexible is that routine? This step is crucial if you are to invite new ideas and new ways of doing things into your world too.
  2. How tidy does it look, does it look OK, or do you think it is time to clear up or ring the maid so she can come in with the feather duster and give your place a clear. Hows the kitchen looking, you have then nacho’s at hand, is the cupboard holding some food for you. Food is crucial for energy. That said if you are truly energised the last thing you will be thinking is food. When food is not in your grasping your on your way to better health and one step away from becoming obese.
  3. Look and listen, what do you hear and what do you see, does things look sharp and laser focused and is your hearing free form ringing noises. Two things to understand here. Imagine this you are looking down the lens of a rifle at a target range, you can see the target and trust the lens and know that when you shoot you will do well. Your listening, people are speaking and you are not interrupting. You are listening and the sounds are free from traffic and the sound of electricity screeching at high frequencies. Your energy levels are protected if this is true.

Relaxed and sleepy and how writing overcome the sleepy state.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge and sometimes yes I get a bit sleepy, sometimes when I write though I do not feel so sleepy. I am focused, alert, development is happening and things are ok. I like blogs, I reccomend you all get a blog to, that is if you have time and energy. Skills do come into it and hiring or having somebody help you make things look nice will help, especially if you are not yet used to writing online. You might be used to getting up very early and being free from distractions. Things change, right.

Awake and energised and free from high frequencies and exciting distractions. The job is infinite if you have no one to do the work for. You may or may not be doing everything, if you are that’s fine. You may even be sleepy in the process, so what is the best way to overcome that sleepy head, well dust your self down for one. I find it good to do a bit of exercise. It makes me happy sometimes to do the shake down. the hands shake them up a bit, put your feet against the wall, go out the door and walk tall ( all that sleeping make you statistically taller). Being free from dust helps, sometimes having the dust cleared also helps. Taking out the trash can help and having a place to put the trash helps too, its something that is expected and free from any distractions.

So what tasks am I working on today, well let me see I look to the calendar and see what day it is. All those people who contacted me, cheered me up, made me smile, asked for my help I contact. I contact the same people the same amount of times I contact my friends and family. Tasks is one way of keeping busy. And like the T shirt says, when busy we are free from all those material and immaterial distractions.

These things, these things are crucial parts when you are at early doors of personal development. The first rule of thumb I think about understanding personal development is, if you are looking then you have experienced some difficulties in the past. You maybe confused, you may even be so focused and the meory is sharp as a whistle, but your blaming that. Your saying that is the reason why you have no energy, so you watch something, sit back and enjoy and relax to that and that is fine too, it beats listening to me rabbiting on, right?

Energised for a reason and relaxed for many other reasons

By allowing these things to fluctuate and monitoring your patterns and finding keywords that make you go boom you can begin to transform and regain the energy at critical points in certain situations. That way your contributions will uplift and create ripples. the same goes with social media sharing, I guess this is why Google+ now is measuring ripples. Measuring plusses is easy, creating ripples is not so easy. Those who make ripples are key sources of information. Or popular people who have positioned themselves as such that every bit of information goes to them. So remember another gift from development is knowing your own worth. What you do, and what other people do is all on the same level. If you have a desire to share and not recieve then you will eventually feel burned out, over delivering is not always everything. The same goes for having everything, you have something like a phone, but if you leave it plugged in without the charger being connected you are left with a distinct ringing noise. Dogs do not always like this sort of stuff and like dogs neither do I, so why does it still happen?

If you have any interesting tales of being really sleepy or wide awake I invite you to leave your messages below. I think this is something we are all qualified to talk about and I hope you can find it


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Path To Mastery 2 This evening The Strand London


Robert Bridge, personnel development and workshop seminars in London for your path to mastery

The Path To Mastery 13th March 2012 The Strand

Hi my name is Robert Bridge and this is Robert-Bridge.info. The Path To Mastery is a course that consist of a series of seminars that lead onto webinars. The seminars are very good and attract a lot of young and wise people in London who join and participate. The course is ran by Darren Eden and Ryan Pinninck.

The Path To Mastery takes a look at all the sci-fi films and stories from the past twenty years to understand how to step into a path of success. The stories are explained by Darren and grouped together to tell a complete story to step onto or understand your own Path Of Mastery.

The stories about these films helps us recap the knowledge encrypted in these films. They also understand the shift that has happened in 2012 and the stories we all listen to and all understand. This helps bring in the passive into the practical.

Darren manages to integrate the passive entertainment and his own pass times and hobbies to explain what he means for example when he reels of all the films we have all watched, to the exciting hobbies some of us do in Darren experience it is sailing.

The training is very broad and will appeal to people from all backgrounds. Darren highlights the things that happen as you progress online. He mentions the things that will and do happen and completes this analogy with an underlining effect on personal energy snd brings this back to The Path Of Mastery.

The webinar below will offer solutions for explaining and turning around the things that happen as you progress. In the light of the Path To Mastery this will help you keep up your energy. Even if you do not get to watch the webinar or attend the seminar this evening, the crucial thing I would like to highlight is this:

  1. As you progress you will meet people who will tell you stuff, these people are gate keepers and very knowledgeable about what you are also doing. They will challenge you, and yes it is a test and yes it will effect your energy.
  2. Mastery requires something extraordinary, but extraordinary is something we all have but you must live this and unite the two parts of self, the conscious and the sub conscious powers.
  3. The force of all things within success and wisdom is a based on a big why and that why is fuelled by love and passion in this case experience, without experience there is no understanding.

Understanding these three things may seem very basic but is a good beginning for unity, as friendships and thoughts are formed. This understanding will resonate with everyone in light of the things that will happen online as you progress ‘the journey’ of The Path To Mastery.

This will help you understand important chapters of your own life when you see it unfold before you and this hopefully will give you the wisdom to react the right way. This should help keep up your energy levels, as those that know try and stop you in your tracks.

The reality is new things do happen and servants do eventually become masters, we all have these opportunities and like in the films we all have a legacy.

It does not matter where you come from or what you have inherited from your family tree The Path To Mastery is always similar. The world has opened up and the same opportunities are available regardless of what you want to do.

Finally I would just like to take this oppurtunity to thank this team of euducators in London of online marketing and logistics advocates for what they are teaching, this includes Darren Eden and Ryan Pinnick and everyone else behind the scenes.

The Path To Mastery is not something compulsory but is something that will help. If you are quick and you live in London you may still have chance to book your ticket in the Strand Hotel in London this evening here.



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Media image and rel tag bookmarking management

bookmarking management info


bookmarking (credit: carlaarena)

Some of you are writing posts and can do quite well bookmarking management, some of you own websites or Ning pages and want to provide value to your members and make it easier for your readers to find your posts, this include unique visitors and is just another fraction of bookmarking management.

bookmarking management info

More bookmarking management from RobertBridge.info

In this post I will briefly explain how you can do this, do not worry there is no opt in required for this. My aim is to help you identify with what I am saying. I know everyone will get some value from this post and those of you who are providing a service already will get something that will help you provide a better service as far a ‘Social Media Bookmarking Management’ is concerned. It is my wish to help as indeed it is my hope that you will understand the value of what I mention, as well as be able to identify the importance of this information for the long duration of your time here as a helper or self helper on the Internet.

Introducing Bookmarking Management

Firstly who am I, well as you probably know my name is Robert Bridge, I am originally from the Isle of Man and have experience with blogging and bookmarking management for about 8 years. My educational background is in media studies and the English Language. Now many of the class mates I had at Uni were from all over the world and this information and experience applies and helps my communications with you too. This means whether you are writing in English or not these skills or tasks I mention will be very helpful when you are doing all this bookmarking management. Secondly what is the best definition of bookmarking management and how it is different to traditional business management.

Hinting at images in bookmarking management

My images I sure pop up everywhere and they are not all the same and the information that I freely litter the Internet with are often time sensitive, that said this task I speak of here is not. The skills here will not make you rich (see blue copper coins) nor will it boost your rankings in the search engines, but what it will to is create more places where you, your members or your clients pages get shown in search engines for a decent amount of time. The tags that you create are already fast if you know what you are doing, but this post is to remind you about things you will be doing with Tags as you post and multi post that will not really work as good as they should, I will go through this and it is up to with what you do with it personally, or how you can go figure to go out add value to your members or create better value for bookmarking management and those you serve.

Firstly just late me say the heading is a bit of a smoke screen I admit the media image is what it is, that said the maintenance of the image in the process of multi posting as we do here on the Internet is diluted if not done properly, the great thing is you do not have to do this write away, but it is something I recommend and here is the kicker, I recommend you do this bookmarking management across the board. So what do I mean by that, well here is the thing about bookmarking management.

Social Media Bookmarking Management

Social Media managers do not just live on Twitter, some of the Tweets do not always come direct from websites, often is the case that this type of sharing is blasted out to many different places, and this is where the dilution happens. As quick as it is to set up, the management side is the work that needs to be done. Delegating days for doing this sort of stuff is very easy if you can follow a simple calendar and such as life as easy as it is to create the management side will guarantee more of that hanging fruit for you and all those folks who are struggling write now and wondering where all the traffic has gone.

Bookmarking may begin slowly of places like Reddit, you maybe lucky enough to be educated and do well on Bibsomni. Many of you are investing in Stumble or Digg building relationships which is an important preamble for your bookmarking management, but really its not enough you know this, I know this but do your clients know this, and are you sure you are doing your best for yourself or whoever you would like to help? The important explanation is that there are many places that require bookmarking management.

We could call it negative equity if you do not correctly do your bookmarking management but that is something to do with real estate, we could also call it a damn waste of time, again but yeah but really its not, the key thing to understand is this:

  • Bookmarking management and how to do it
  • When to do bookmarking management
  • Who to do bookmarking management for

Sounds really patronising, right, really its not know its very simple and very effective you could simply call it how to do things properly, or how to do things better than what you are already doing or how to do things better than what you have done. Maybe in the beginning you did it right and you have simply forgotten.

The repetition is a big part of this service called bookmarking management and having an understanding of text in relation to the text you have in front of you is another. The key thing is these skills bookmarking need to be delegated if to be done properly. Its easy to create an account for example, but it takes effort for you to click and examine regularly what is there.

Once set up its easy to share to the various places but if no one is seeing what is going on you may as well be treading water next to a sinking ship whilst you are actually dead in the water, even if a boat did pass it would properly not see you because you are covered in all the wrong mossy tags rendering your bookmarking management skills 0%.

The fact is a post can be really written well you can be very specific and provide good or amazing content, but in some search engines this really will not mean a bean. Some of the social media places where you share you content however have considered this and are I sure testing and improving ways of keeping there services in the good eyes of the engines. This is why you should login there, this is why as service for this sort of stuff is available, this is why I am sure if you have any movements online you will both understand about the value of what I am saying, some of you maybe curious about what I can do for you or rather how you can improve bookmarking management for your clients and members. Well here is what on request I a prepared to do.

For a few weeks I am prepared to send out coaching to those who need it specifically with these things. If you are already looking for traditional methods of sharing information with you peers or wish to have you regular posts on journals and services shared with the powers that be in the right way, so they can find it, then I will do this for you. I will help you with those images that you have taken so much time creating that support your posts and help you repair the weekly monthly shares on web 2.0 properties to get better rankings across the bookmarking management search engine board. I can help you remodel and accurately shape your boards and bookmarks for bookmarking management to improve and with that said I will tell you a simple known fact about examining and identify what goes where in amongst what you are already doing. Simply pressing buttons is half the job, but with maintenance and hard perpetual weekly work you are like I have done in the past just spinning your wheels.

Like I have already mentioned if you have writers creating content online and use media image and rel tag bookmarking management in your online strategies then this is something that can really help you. Those of you who are confused by what I am saying or just want to tease more information out of me you can try and do so below in the comments, but please, use your name, and do not stuff your post with any links else you are really just spinning your wheels, I do not have time to read these type of junk posts nor does anyone in the bookmarking management and I do not recommend you guys reading them either, if we all take action hopefully these things will stop and bookmarking management will improve across the board.

I have nothing against the trolls that be its just the silly aggressive techniques that I see from tired old plugin product that folks still have on websites that do anything to get traffic. I am embracing the changes online as well as willing to teach and share what I am doing successfully to follow the guidelines of all places online. Now is better than never, keep me posted, also bookmarking management just to let you know I am also listening so if you have anything to add that is constructive and helpful then please do that.

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Blue Blood From Copper Coins

Blue Blood From Copper Coins

Blue Blood From Copper Coins

Blue Blood From Copper Coins Mystery

Hello and welcome and may light surround you, as you may have gathered my name is Robert Bridge and I am from the British Isles in the United Kingdom. The post presented before you is wrote from my home in North London. This post is about the mystery of blue blood from copper coins, said to be in 2006 the oligarchy of inherited and systematic wealth.

The rich have always been rich and the poor have always been poor, and more and more we see this principle being reinforced. The wealth inheritance is a secret they do not want you to know about, and the blue blood from copper coins is my miscellaneous version of this principle and contains four chapters, which I will briefly break down for you.

The archive is under the heading of Natural Progression which is a title of a book that I have been attempting to write for over two years. Currently I have writers block so perhaps the Blue Blood from Copper Coins section will help spark of some participation and help from you the readers.

This is just a test and I call it the Blue Blood from Copper Coins test. This test will not include any health references and will no means extend what you already know or already have, so now we have that out of the way I will begin by briefly explaining what lies within.

The Truth about Blue Blood from Copper Coins

If in any way you are sensitive to certain information you may want to skim over this post or read at your own free will and take anything you read online with a pinch of salt. If you are curious about your British origin, and looking to find out if you are one way or another, and are seeking the truth then this post may help you navigate between what goes where and also help you continue, considering that you have not been able to find what you are looking for anywhere else.

Assuming that you have nowhere else to go and you are at the end of your days search, you find yourself wondering about the true lineage of your bloodline. You might have forgotten what colour your blood actually is. You may be curious about your bodies vessel and the journey you have ahead of you.

These things are reassuringly not something you should trouble yourself with, because you are stepping into a truth-pot set with lies and deception. Any re-writing of text is something I do not condone. Similarly the brushing under the carpet of information is something that I do not establish this journal with, perhaps this is why this post is ranked as miscellaneous within the navigation of Robert Bridge Info.

Perhaps this is why we forget our education, why do you think this is, could be a trip set for the curious mind online, and if so do you think this as something prominently happening online. I mean how important is the truth to you. Did you land here expecting to have your questions answered or did someone in your social media circuit recommend you to visit here. If you think any of this to be true then I can help, I mean I do want to help. I mean after-all, I am here to help. I not just here for the good of my own health, I here to help OK, just ask I generally have an answer.

The problems associated with Blue Blood and Copper Coins

The nature of indifference has goes back way beyond I can remember, I like you have nothing to awaken this, I have no desire to awaken anything other than our playful nature and continue on with Natural Progression. We all have our own natural progression. We are all red blooded, right, so why confuse things with blue blood and copper coins?

The problem associated with Blue blood and copper coins is in our composition. Copper is not a moral compass. There  are in fact many suggestive reasons why blood, lineage and inheritance could determine our natural progression in life. Unfortunately many narratives surrounding this topic are not supportive of anything, the stories added onto the topic is merely promotional and unsupported of anything factual.

The truth is based on a matrix or matrices of symbols, signals and stories handed down from family to family to protect you from that which way or may not block your path, manifest fear or spark a headache or any other mysterious ailment.

The chances are you are progressing, and the reality is the more you put in the quicker the heart pumps, this is good because this is what the heart is for, adding copper into the mix is nothing to be taken seriously. Anyone who has swallowed a two pence piece will know blue blood and copper coins have nothing to do with lineage. Take it from me, I know my blood type because I have donated enough times.

To be continued at a later date… The unravelling of Blue Blood from Copper Coins.

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Rich Media Content


Image via Wikipedia

Some more of that RMC, sound good? From API bars too fluid templates filled with Java script widgets all wrapped up in a bunload of moving content.

Statistically content creation is changing, its obvious the text moves from the lexical (the most popular method of communications) to the audio rss feed blast to the moving slides and internal video’s at the bottom of a rich media filled journal post.

The introduction of the image, the image as a meta tag highlighted as a discurse and eye catching preamble of the days blurbs. The feed is outside of the comments usual hum drumb via audio, and the audio is simply a rehash of the lexical but vital part of identifying and understanding the author.

The lexical is outside of copyright, when backed up by the audio. The irony of rich media content is the video although moving is stuffed full of images, just like the lexical about two years ago. This type of stuffing invisible or visible is identified as irrelevant and incomprihensible however the idea still applies across the board.

The translation remains the same, its not something that gets losts in transmission through the RMC, the structure remains the same and the moving slides highlight a syncronisity beyond palpable description. And as slides move into the realms of competition we see the need for more questions, RMC content requires more market research. Its always an idea to have sturdy marketing foundations these days.

And its nothing without social media, the personal shring of content fans out into various places, its up to the community to share and its upto the students who are searching still, who are wishing to learn more that support the ideal rich media content creation. A world stuffed full of equal RSS feeds, mixed with various types of media content.

The code of the lexical is simplified by the original HTML, the image that highlights and represents the text is smushed so as the image does not slow down the loading of the page, so its ironic to understand the base of any posts. Moving around the options is the only confusion.

Following on from previous years, as the understanding of an aggregated mix and match matrixes empahsis the importance of an image. These images are simple memes that add little plus buttons to the brand. The heading is exact and open for misinterpretation, most people stick with the lexical, but the new journal apllies HTML5, videos in the moving slides, video’s in the background.

This sadly means phasing out older browsers, this also means the broadcasting and advertisement of the tablet. Systematically understanding all this will add to the new movement from standing up and sharing, and showing these calculations from such a big calculator is compelling to the point everyone will follow suit and invest there hard earned cash on such a new device.

The bandwidth is changing, and the content used with have to cater for this. There are widgets that boost these types of considerations and whilst most of us just wait for loading to occur many of the us will just scroll away, so bookmarking will become the new way a browser browses the WWW4.

With that said and understanding the multi duplex introduction of the same content, and the knowledge that metaphors still exist in the educating code we can begin to shine by distributing the content correctly. The problems that arise seem to iron out as 2012 takes its hold, and as those of us think about selling or somehow monetising our clever books, we move into a community larger than spatial awareness.

In conclusion the rich media content is a norm, but the rate at which the media changes, the need for visual wall amounted 3D i mapping, and the usual desire to be entertained becomes key. Its accessing this type of data that seems to visually dictate what goes where. Sourcing all this is the only problem, reading this may even seem to be copied and pasted.

All the more reason to speak,

Dragon software helps with the typing, having a secretary helps with the editing, having a decent editing video software in the hands of someone creative enough to make a fancy collage, should also help. Just for today though I just leave it all down to the lexical.

The rich media content or RMC could also stand for something else, accronyms are not a big forte of mine, editing is not my profession, articles often take a while to be approved, but getting reassurance from the comments of your journal will help you refine the rich media content. Conflictingly the speach as a future source can be held back by the hesitations of the breath and limited to the language of the mother tongue, it just depends whether you are a good actor or a knowledgable coherent type of person, the order in which you prefer this RMC, you see.

Find out more about Robert Bridge:

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The Novel “Semiology”

Below is a first entry of my own attempt to understand a hub of audio’s related to media for USA, in this selected audio references to frindges authors like Hunter S Thompson who wrote with nostalgia for the era 70′s to 90′s. In the audio is a decent explanation of semiology, semiosis and semiotics, these are great ways of understanding media effects and mediated options a our disposal these days. The post has a factor that will help understand how authors write their novel and also helps differentiate between philosophy and sociology in relation to advertising and entertainment. Similarly there is a complex analogy of language, grammar, signs of semiology and the onomatopoeia a poetic term used in the studies of creative writing.

The novel starts from the authors rhetoric, the signs that support and surround the author are embedded into the text, for example the cover of the book has symbols that hint whats inside the text. Another useful introductory explanation of this that you can apply in your own journal is the questions ‘How can I improve branding?’ ‘How can I attract the crowd I wish to attract, with the media available to me (and you)?’. Semiology since French authors like Baudrillard of culture and media, to Saussure of signs in texts in the studies of language, grammar and creative writing.

The mainstream media as a model of Sensationalism from 70′s and 90′s and beyond with reference to semiology, explains how we can document the individuals use of media and the effects additionally gives us an ability to compare mainstream and public access media created by smaller start up media business, to individual narratives created by individuals as they create youtube video’s, as they progress in their own writing from author or poet to novelist or a team builder creating manifesto’s, striking up group participation, team building and uniting therefore inducing a common continuity in the niche world of whatever topics we each gravitate to. The thing to understand is you may not know this, but from previous texts in correspondence with the references to the mainstream hypothesis found in popular texts documented in mediated texts.

Cultural Studies and Sociology of the effects of media; images, movies and memes with reference to the semiosis of these differing media texts. MIT seems to be a hub base for the conversation found in the audio link below. The semiology readings are based on frindges and esoteric references, these kinds of odes were very popular before the Internet. The irony of this is the underlining need for readers, writers and movie makers to make a sense of escapism, create the effective illusion of escapism, in a world that has always wanted an escape for a few hours. The readers may go beyond this time as they embrace themselves in the story, the movie may last a couple of hours, as the post on the journal depending on how fast you read, how you read in conjunction with where you read (e.g. you might be reading this in google reader therefore the use of signs and branding is cancelled out, knowing this gives more ereason to make more of an effort to create decent content for those who visit your site, your journal and as previously mentioned those ‘blogs’.

There is no avoiding the cosmic input from authors of novels like Hunter S Thompson, Timothy Leary, and other people mentioned in audio text provided below, in-order to understand what they are talking about, it requires a bit of reading, the best way for a novice to understand the terms used in this post of by taking keywords mentioned here and go through Wikipedia. This week Wiki was down due to a protest against SOPA. SOPA has not gone forward and I am sure most of us support SOPA too, due to the oversight of certain things. In relation to the novel, the story, the extracted narrative and highlighting of key directions of angles shown in textual analyse of the signs in texts, in propagation if this is how you subscribe to the topic of creativity. I would like to add though try not to take this out of text because creativity is quite a broad term, and will simply add to the confusion, this could slow down achieving the writing of your own novel or book or Youtube video.
Media Audio according to Hunter Thompson quadrant Dobbs Town Thompson Quadrant first audio.

In conclusion semiology is a united reference commonly used in the theory of both media and reading language and texts plus signs. The branding is a side line of this, but understanding the options available to people now available post 90′s post 2012 means the ways of consuming stories and texts is broad, the mark up may be hyper textual or just plain and simple text. The sharing of this type of text in relation to the microsite ( Twitter, Authenticate, Mobile ping sites or any other limited textual input) is fragmented and is a prime example of the cataclysm of any quote or story, understanding the author therefore according to semiology provides us with a way of navigating the rhetoric of the story. As escapism is concerned the understanding of fantasy or fiction created by the author of the novel, whether fiction or business related, gives us all a neurolinguistic understanding therefore develop an anti hypnotic ability to disconnect from the rhetoric any author may or may not have. It also helps navigate between observor and participation, in the group mind this also helps distinguish in academic terms between theoretical and practical roles in society.

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Traffic Sources Information

Internet marketers are all recommending various types of getting traffic formula’s, this type of traffic source information is based on the various reasons for getting traffic in the first place. Having to much traffic going towards your website will put a big strain on your server, so qualified traffic is what you want. Hi my names Robert Bridge and this is one of my blogs, and I frequent here regularly enough.

image: http://office.microsoft.comThe first thing I would like to share with you is that I will not be sharing my top traffic formula’s, but I will explain to you the methods used to drive traffic to your blog. The reason for this is because as you probably see from rankings here on Alexa.com this blog is not the best advocate of getting results, however I do share information for people who are interested in developing there own perpetual methods based on the options available and the styles of marketing commonly used by online marketers. Knowing some of this data will help you understand why your competition may or may not be doing better than your own efforts.

I hope to help you identify some things you may already be doing and doing quite well. The reason for this is because I do hope to bring you back into your own confidence about what you do, what you already have, perhaps you are reading it right now.

One important step to understand is your efforts are not based one IP address, the reason for this is because if you are a one man band or a single soldier in the game you will want to create and share data from various places. The easiest way I can think of creating posts myself is by posting via an application on mobile phone. So with that said the first traffic sources of information is identified through creation on your mobile smart phone. The easiest application is called the Word Press blog application, search for it now in your phones market place.

Social Media followed correctly is an arduous task, because the hub of users are constantly on the move, and congregate in the same places but use different applications based on the technology owned. Often this type of technology is expensive to own, in some instances you can win this technology but this type of engagement is commonly associated with CPA promotion. Which brings me to the next tip towards improving your understanding of people and why they are compelled to share your information on Social Media, remember social media is very competitive and the moment you apply a successful strategy your strategy will be transparently repeated.

The key point to highlight is competitions, think about how you can provide value to someone to inspire them to follow your call to action in reply for a gift. The cookie jar you maybe sitting on is a hub of coupons, perhaps you are an expert on CPA give-aways and you have a long list of tested prizes. These types of cookies in your jar are free but are exclusive to your own experience. Some of you may have a number of likes within your Face-book system, this is good because you can go back on all your likes and go into the pages to take a look at what they are doing. You can even engage in these places if you wish. Similarly Google+ has business pages.

The reason why I highlight Go-ogle+ in relation to the second point getting good traffic sources of information, is because a it is original and based on a problem that has already recently been identified. Finding glitches like this maybe time sensitive so by acknowledging these glitches you can immediately take action before the idea gets saturated, or in worse case scenario’s patented or a copywriter takes action on the impulses and converts it into a greedy product on Click-Bank.

If this is you then you might want to take action, if this sounds familiar then I hope you will share this post with your network, open source networking has always been an inspiration for me, I have learned a lot from Wicapedia, its a great port of call for understanding complicated subjects. Scholars amongst you will recognise that without the true sources that springboard your understanding of being able to navigate between ideas and theories will know, Wikipedia has always been a force to be reckoned with, all though it is identified as an enemy of truth. Since these pages are open to editing, and citations are based on academic research I still believe this cancels out any concerns about the validity of what is revealed. This includes information about individuals, getting an overview of books, and crunching down huge amounts of texts, therefore helpful in identifying the chapters you need to concentrate on.

So what are the three best methods of traffic that qualifies the readers before they make the decision to click to redirected links? Well the first thing is to identify the value of traffic, targeted traffic that take action and click through to either watch you video or read your post. The first thing to understand is they want something, you want something, that something you want is partly the value other people see in you. This is something overtime people have come to expect. This traffic sources information is normal.

The love you receive is based on the value you have up there in that brain of yours, you will by now developed a good sense of what goes where in-amongst all of the information available to you. Some of the effectiveness of what has worked in the past is based on exact step by step methods you used to generate or previously set-up success. From simply creating content in places where credibility ensues, or offers titles to reshape what it is you are trying to say, to more mundane plug-ins that just aggregate the important news. Its a hodge podge of data, but when financial results ensue well I am sure you understand what I am getting at.

business cloud This is why it is key to identify what it is you continuously plan to do, because if you just plan to drive traffic to your site purely to advertise products or generate leads then you might want to avoid any identification in the affiliate arena. The best social place for this type of promotion is people who are also at that level below you where you can share your findings, in correspondence with having an end goal. Soon for example you may stumble upon a really good product, the chances of you developing this product for the mass market will determine your success, however this type of development is based on clear strategies, applying the best etiquette, and having a team of people to do various things. Which brings me back to the importance of strategically doing things from different places.

Click Here!

Many of you will be reading this from various places around the world, perhaps you are not even based in where you are reading this post, the chances are you are not even fully engaged in what I am saying. But the point i wish to make is many successful marketers are not even based in one country. The premise behind this is a big decision for anyone to make, but financially this decision can be quite rewarding. So when traffic sources information it also sources location.

Conversely imagine this, three posts everyday from three different parts of the world, translated into several languages, and broadcast on various media platforms in various formats. You take each and water down in another, the information gets handed down, that is the power of gossip. Gossip has always been a form of traffic sources information TSI. But remember folks this always hopefully leads back to the original source, this is why I agree citation is a valuable practise, after-all transparency is a great way of doing things. This may seem convoluted when you look at the methods practised in Social Media, but when you direct your traffic to a group connected with an organisation that you represent and offer value to, for example Linked In Groups, likewise Face Book groups, Ning.com Groups and now Google+ groups.

So what was the problem identified with Google+ pages and why does this mean you should take action and start seeking out URL’s for Google+ pages so you can comment on relevant conversations, or ensure you get the most upfront information at any one time. Well rather than ramble on any more, or try and convince you of this traffic system, take a look at the problems highlighted by Robert Scoble posted a couple of days before my birthday  last month in November on Google+. 

Other Useful Links

  • Jeff Johnson Non Stop Traffic Formula http://www.nonstoptrafficformula.com
  • Larry Loik Traffic Leads Eruption http://www.larryloik.com/
  • Special Page for Face Book Friends http://www.facebook.com/pages/Special-page-for-Face-Book-friends/183738874972694

In this post you have found out a little bit more about the traffic sources of information available to you, and hopefully you will remember a little bit more about what it is you are doing and what type of traffic you are looking for in conjunction with you business online. Directly I have also introduced my own formula for you to incorporate into what you might already be doing on Face-Book, as I invite you to do the same of Google+. These are just some of the things I do online and you can make money online through these methods if you follow the various links, some of which are paid links that is I will earn a small commission if you are a positive person and take action on my recommendations, find out more about me by going to another site that I blog on. http://Robert-Bridge.mobi/about

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Information Marketing Strategies


In this post about information strategies we will take a look at the corporate models and expectations needed to gain employment in the Internet sphere. I will also share briefly on tools online outside of marketing that have helped me trawl through the various angles of observing marketing. From article marketing – Information Marketing – Affiliate marketing – Attraction marketing – Multi level marketing – and old faithful Internet marketing. Off-line you just add words like management to these terms and add words like CEO, you go into legal documents, you share about the need to know basis, the need to understand laws, the best models for saving time and energy, the number crunching devices, the e-commerce sites and now m-commerce is heavily interacting with online future predictions.

One thing that always stands out when you look objectively at the wonderful abundance of options available to Internet Marketing and marketing in general is the way locally things are done. If you can identify the leaders in your area and model then improve then in the work place or in the Internet sphere you will stand taller than most, but remember consistency is key and you will have to have a good knowledge to answer questions when opportunities rise. So in essence any fast track solutions are really not worth anything if you cannot mirror this in face to face interactions. Your content that you provide will equally have to be as big as the last time, but in all honesty the merits you will receive will no doubt we swept under the carpet as some other large brand industry or family business sucks up all that creativity.

Therefore if you are starting out with nothing then you should try and make things happen under the radar. Build up some credibility, get some money behind you by finding employment that will constantly be there and enable you to still work when you get home, and focus well without any illness on marketing. This will give you a better chance of saving money so you can succeed if any investments need to be made at a later date.

What is marketing information and how does communication play a role of a process in marketing channels by which most important information is of value to individual buyers.

There are many modifiers for you to add into your communications, the way that is you connect with people and the way you connect with the robots online. Utilising pockets of information, and milking cash cows as they have been called you can quite easily get some great head starts before you go out into the world and get creative.

“Cybernetics was defined by Wiener as “the science of control and communication, in the animal and the machine”—in a word, as the art of steermanship” W Ross Ashby 1957

By using the right communications you will be cultivating the best possible behaviours that you can produce, by finding decent extensions that you can fully comprehend you will again be setting yourself up for goal setting that we can quickly and easily be attained. Once you know you have the right model, once that model has been repeated on a rota basis and the fruits of your labour have come through you be able to celebrate and share some interesting information and market better and spend less time thinking about other things, other distractions.

Excel is a good safety measure, by developing your own hub where you set out about half and hour of remaining time on your day to add the days data into a data entry format. If you are experienced enough you can have a system provided where you add the same things in daily, you could even use time, by timing yourself the time it takes to do things will improve, the best way of doing this is creating some decent Excel documents. You can do this in Google Docs, if you want it live you can if the data is sensitive then you should keep this private. If you still want to host this information then you should do this again on a need to know basis, one great way that marketers do this, some of whom create paid pricing and monthly continuity programs to share the reported data. This technique is mostly attributed with membership sites. You will want to master if inputting data is your thing, Creating Pivotal Table and VLookups in Excel.

Once you get someone to your site, you need to convert them into a customer. Part of this is having great content on your site. If you are selling products, you should invest in a good, online catalog with quality photographs and compelling product descriptions. If you are selling your services, having relevant articles demonstrating your expertise is important.

The vectors of radio or audio broadcasts again are another way of communicating not just with a broader audience but also with the development of your own persona , and identify yourself more with the minds of other successful entrepreneurs, employee’s alike.

the more information for that is considered and collected for more sustainable marketing decisions for the organisation.

not everyone who visits your web site will be in the market for your products or services right away. But that doesnít mean they are not interested. Get them on an email list and contact them regularly with valuable information including sales, new products, upcoming speaking engagements, etc. Give them a good reason to opt in to your list. This is typically a free report, but you can also expand it to include software or a free sample product. Having a robust email list is a key ingredient in the overall B2B internet marketing picture.

So how do information systems support the major business functions sales and marketing and what is marketing information system? Explain its characteristics benefits and information types.

As with traditional marketing media such information is offered free of charge, although courses that are currently taught in education and recommended are courses that qualify for ethics to be taught are management marketing information.

By speaking out on topics you feel strongly about you will build and attract new followers especially if they share your views, these views can be something as simple as a timely reaction to something really popular online. This might be from new stations or from events that are of interest, political views, reactions to natural disasters or noticing Social media buzz for keywords and other things.

marketing intelligence is a process concerned with evaluating the market using available information in order to understand the market trends in the present and future.

For example, did Lady Gaga invent the link wheel, no she did not but in PR the wheel she created cleverly constructed a fan base that keeps her wheel turning still now. Social likes creates social proof the mass media supports information it gets from public relations. Public relations are stirred up by the public, public who attend events or spend time watching Youtube live concerts. This can rapidly make any message the only message worth discovering. Multiply this by hosted content on a multitude of free Internet properties that show video’s and aggregate content, multiplied by the mass media’s day after reactions, information marketing becomes really import.

Knowing the information, knowing how to record this information and knowing where to search to find out the questions already posed by fans and those engaged should really help.

There is somewhat information that can be gained from demographic research and that is why is it used in marketing. Marketing nonfinancial information absent in the company yet fundamental was customer demographics and regional preferences. The demographics can be compiled in spreadsheets another name for excel documents. You can tailor make your own documents, if you work in a place where a lot of people use the same software you will have a great opportunity to use that software to the best of its capabilities, depending on your ability to network and compare what you are doing with other thought leaders within your organisation, be mindful though many people are not ready to divulge information unless of course you have already added to the collective and generated various amounts of consistent income to the company. You might have worked there for years but never really earned the trust due to mediocrity or you have just never thought about asking or maybe you are confined to your own office space.

If marketing director walks away from company who owns information gathered, how can you qualify them and trust that they will not divulge sensitive data about your company?

“Who owns what, is important. And while you’re thinking about ownership, remember that with ownership comes liability. Who’s going to be responsible when this thing doesn’t work out the way that you think it will? In almost every case, the person that has ownership also has the greatest liability. Make sure you’re covered for that.” Ken McArthur Joint Venture Basics

The first thing people look for when seeking to employ anyone for most jobs these days they look for examples of using initiative and creativity to resolve problems.

Do not discount the ability of getting traffic from offline promotions. Every piece of material you distribute to potential customers should have your web address on it. This includes letters, invoices, brochures, and even gifts.

So now you know a little bit more about how information technology is used in marketing.

You can write articles for other businesses and magazines to place on their web pages or you can conduct a public relations campaign so that you are quoted as an expert. The traffic you get to your site from other sites is already pre-sold on your goods and services.

psychographic and demographic information are applied in making marketing strategies then taking this and converting it into article marketing, article marketing is a great way you can single handily develop website authority. However it is advisable to do work from various computers on various IP addresses, this is good for authority and shows that you actually not alone.

Your goal as an article marketer is to write at LEAST one article per day, and submit it to as many of the top (most popular) article directories as possible.  Choose at least 3 directories to submit to per day, that’s if you want to get more traffic and more people reading your stuff.

  • www.ezinearticles.com
  • www.GoArticles.com
  • www.articlesbase.com
  • www.articles43.com
  • www.articlecity.com
  • www.buzzle.com

You should focus on one keyword phrase per article (such as “widget marketing”).  Use your keyword phrase 3-5 times, naturally, throughout the article body.  Also try to feature your keyword phrase in the article title, while still making the title “cute”.  Go for titles that peak peoples’ curiosity and want to make them read the article immediately. Writing top ten style articles is really helpful and should get you loads of traffic.

Excellent IT skills, including data entry, and knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook a Content Management System to maintain and develop websites. Its also a great transducer, you can use trunique correspondence within your frames to calculate what once seem long term daily routines, done at an alteration, or by simply adding $ signs into the right vectors of your chosen software. Programming this and adding into other Sequel based software is tricky but if you are networking correctly you should know someone who can either provide you with the services you need or guide you into the right direction employ someone who can, never underestimate the reliability of having a functioning database.

Some goals I seek to endure and experience in relation to information technology and experience are still undernourished for example I would like to have used ResourceLink or a similar HR database, written reports using Business Objects or similar database reporting tool, Knowledge of the Data Protection Act Evidence of having worked within strict deadlines, responsibility for own time-management and personal organisation, Evidence of having participated in and actively contributed to a team. I have done these things but I am not the best, I do honestly believe I have helped many people whom have been receptive to me as a person, but like most people I do put others through a series of tests before I reward them, this is something I have not consciously admitted before and if anything to admit it to myself examples a lot of certain behaviours and feelings that I have experienced throughout my own ongoing development.

In this post we explored effective communication, continuous development, delivery and deployment of management information and systems within the Division and across the board. The introduction and implementation of new software developments, reporting tools, interfaces and process reviews were not highlighted however I would like to explore and educate you in further posts, if you leave some comments and make some recommendations I will check them out. Finally I would like to share a helpful tool that I use but should use more and that is mind-maps, I have some software on my computer, but I also recommend this free software hope you see value in what I deliver here.

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ZX SPECTRUM Designer car from the eighties.

Clive Sinclair

zx spectrum car




Clive Sinclairs dream car fuelled partly by pedal power and part battery. Steering seems bizzarre with hands behind your lower legs must be difficult to get used too.

You can find this car and many more transport models in Covent Garden Transport Museum.

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Watch “Transport Museum” on YouTube


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Balloons Pipes

Accessing the Power Within

Balloons from Hearts images, feelings and things from the heart. More info on social graphs and how people are interpreting data online and why you might want to integrate this into the aesthetics of your website. to make it nicer.

Making waves in the topic of feelings, by creating images feeds and making Yahoo pipes you can compile and categorise topical images.

Images words and graphs all intermix and go out to various sources. Understanding these sources can help you get long term traffic ranking.

The full extent of this is not yet known, but the research is done by thousands of people, spearheaded by education and MIT coders.

These coders are experimenting with the search.

The reason why I tell you this is I have made a simple display of how great images can be found, and shared in a nice way.

The more obvious sources of this type of data is compiled in dating sites and blogs that talk about feelings, good to note when you are creating content.

Thousands of aggregators and what are called balloon clouding is used to share this information publicly.

So what does this mean well, if you get any content aggregated into the loop and stand out from the pack at the micro media level, for years your content will be ranked in the macro media.

Sound fun?

If so let me know on the post please.

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Playing with Social Media in 2011


Tumblr is a site where people share images, images are a great way of joining the party in Social Media. Watch the video below to find out why playing with social media has changed at the latter half of 2011.

Making presentations to explain what I mean can take anything upto two hours. The important thing to understand is you want to be able to find what it is you are looking for.

This should be quick and easy, look good and deliver a message that will help others catch up. I have waited long enough and have not seen anyone do so yet, although I know the majority of you are using this system. Let me know in your comments below.

Please read other posts for more information.

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Popplet Media Marketing Communications



Not sure if this will work but its a new Popplet Applet that enables things to be embedded into a post via Twitter or Facebook, not sure if it works till I publish. Looks good, other things I am recommending right now are ways to improve the aesthetics of presentations.

  • Tired of seeing the same old presentations.
  • Perhaps you do video presentations to your peers and clients, but feel your methods are going stale.
  • Maybe you just looking for fun new ways to engage in Social Media.

Ok, well here it is enjoy and subscribe by making a post, so we can share notes.

Its called Prezi.com



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Royal Agricultural Show Part 1-8 documentary

Royal Agricultural Show in the Isle of Man

Hi guys Robert Bridge here. The last post I told you all about the royal agricultural show on the Isle of Man. I managed to capture some decent footage of the event, I have called this my first documentary. Anyone who makes real documentaries will tell you this is not possible with an Android. Then again you only have to watch films like Cloverfeild, The Blair Witch Project and Big Brother to simply know this is not true at all, let me know if enjoy it below.

In the video you will see One Man and his Dog show, The Peregrine Falcon Show, Classic cars rotating arounf the feild laong with Young farms in competition with the older farmers in the sport ‘A Tug of War’. You also see a few animals getting awarded rosettes, the dudicator of the competition looks carefully at the animals before judging the best from a various option of criteria for the agriculturally educated.



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Agricultural Show


I have been with family on Isle of Man and I am making video’s and taking nice pictures, in this post I describe the images and give a little introduction to the videos. Practically I hope you get something from this post and also hope that you get ideas and inspiration for your blogging. The images and videos are compiled from various sources where they have been shared via Android phone. The great thing about being on holiday with an Android phone when roaming from your usual tariff is having the option to share media via 2G rather than 3G. 3G when roaming can add up and eat into your budget. 2G works only when there is a wireless connection. Having this option means you only upload when either a you find a wirless connection and b its a lot quicker over a wireless connection, so the tip is turn your wireless on your smart phone today, the only downside is the battery runs out quicker, but hey, who cares, right? Let me know which video’s you managed to watch in full, which ones work and perhaps which one you liked the best.

Robin Hood Tom N Jerry Cartoon I mention Social Oomph and Hootsuite


Agricultural artificial isle of man

This photograph is my favorite image of the day. In the background you can see a chair which is surrounded by artificial grass. The chair is more like a mini room, the artificial grass is a landscaping thing. I think this image explains a good micro niche, it also has reference to Face Painting. The company is called Ground Care and they specialize in landscaping, artificial grass and something else. They are online and off and judging by this display at the Agricultural show today business is booming, the website should be on the original source of the image, you can find out more about what they do there.

The video above explains how you can increase your business communications with Micro Sites and howto put this on autopilot. Hope like Tom & Jerry cartoon effect.

Google+ Paper.li and Twitter Content Creation This video I created last week for my friends and followers online and off, I hope you guys find it useful.

Google+ Paper.li and Twitter Content Creation

This four wheeled truck is parked in a bizarre position. The wheels are very big and the suspension with the wheels must be very good to park it this way. The show contained many vehicles, mostly tractors and cars, but there were other farmer tools there too, I managed to capture some great images of lawnmowers, posh ones and expensive ones you can drive. Gardeners galore will love the images from the Agricultural show this year.


The next video below with the accompanying link is from the show, its a bit longer than usual and I uploaded it with Pixel Pipes because Youtube app although looks great when you watch videos now on android phone, unfortunately uploading Youtube videos on 2G gives a 503 error.

Parking a truck

This four wheeled truck is parked in a bizarre position. The wheels are very big and the suspension with the wheels must be very good to park it this way. The show contained many vehicles, mostly tractors and cars, but there were other farmer tools there too, I managed to capture some great images of lawnmowers, posh ones and expensive ones you can drive. Gardeners galore will love the images from the Agricultural show this year.


The next video below with the accompanying link is from the show, its a bit longer than usual and I uploaded it with Pixel Pipes because Youtube app although looks great when you watch videos now on android phone, unfortunately uploading Youtube videos on 2G gives a 503 error.

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Social media bonus laid out neatly on table


I have been away from social media for about two weeks so this post is as much for me as its for you,so please if you find value in this post then please identify which parts you have picked up on and perhaps explain how you think it will help you business.

I have laid it out as quickly and neatly as possible, its by no means the full Sunday lunch platter carvery type, but it does have some useful upfront data some of which as you will here in the provided audio I have used personally here on this blog and others and already know the validity and value this simple info can do to create authority in search engines, create great seo in the form of various links to wherever you wish.

The audio is also good for providing you with a clearer goal in place with whatever it is you maybe already doing online, be it marketing, expanding your entrepreneurial online arsenal of social media tools or just simply experimenting with the basics of blogging power.

SEO Method with Guru Bob and Robert Somerville


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Port St Mary harbour

Anik Singal


Isle of Man is very picturesque, has extremely nice beaches that are relaxing, well known but perhaps a secret because its so quite here.

The video filmed in morning, in video you listen to me explaining the location, why you may like to see too and a short message about boating in quite villages such as Port St Mary.

Anik Singal

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Servers, membership sites and helpful business education


Servers in most cases is where we share our space and information, its like a hodge-podge of data, that is optimised in various ways. Here on WordPress Tags hold a lot of this space, and since Tags generate messages between WordPress and search engine optimisation this can create a lot of downtime. Keeping your tags down to a minimum will ensure you and your hosting server will be happy.

Memberships sites this week have been very instrumental in the content that I have chose to listen to. Since I am one of the lucky ones with an education, albeit an undergraduate degree I have also been reevaluating my skills and am in addition thinking about what can I do on a local level to gain the necessary employment to continue on with my curiosity and desire to fit into society.

About four years ago, I like many took a night course that taught me lot about the fundamental things you need to learn in computer sciences, throughput output OSI layers, leads, configuring early windows computers and speaking within the local system of what I am sure you are aware the LANS and WANS. Yesterday I took the initiative and went over to Cisco and find out what they are doing, I kinda missed the boat a bit, because they had an event in the UK about 4 months, but I did notice that they are having another next year. I went to the event and looked at the speakers, one of whom was the main representative of this broad based computer sciences company. Now Cisco employ a lot of people and the system they use to educate is fascinating, since all the knowledge is like learning a new language and many of the actions in contrast require hands on playing around and group activities, even before you have the option to pay and enter for the exam. A great bit of advice especially since the price of education has really increased I think public, private and further or adult education would benefit a great deal from this type of screening. Since Cisco works closely with most academic associations I am sure this stuff I talk of have already been explored, tested and thought about. So why am I going on about it here?

Well Membership site or sites have taught me a lot to and also by exploring the names of representatives of these organisations and companies I have found information even before I have needed to know it. So its a good tip for you when you partake in these things. It was a good thing for me yesterday because I spent an educational hour listening to an MIT lecture with one of the reps from Cisco, the video is over five years old. Yet it explains the trails and tribulations of an organisation that employs so many members and juggles between the interests of the world and the exchange of information between all stations. It also explained how to troubleshoot, this guy speaks really fast, I am sure if you are a Cisco Illuminati you will already know who I mean. I also liked the respect attributed with any member or employee within the organisation and the level of communication that is offered as standard for being in such a command post.

So back to the membership sites which is the main reason why I began writing this post, I want to briefly mention three membership sites that are on offer in the next few months. If you are busy or are already acquainted with the sciences and steps needed to succeed online or wish to take your business understanding to the next level I would consider these three very carefully. Again in my experience one is never enough but if you find one and stick with it statistics show you will get better results within that group and chances are you will increase your understanding of skills, therefore have a deeper focus of what you can and more importantly cannot do.

If you do not already know my name is Robert Bridge and I am the writer on this blog, I have many blogs and have experimented with many different ways of communicating with the World Wide Web. I have had many good recommendations of single skills I should focus on and have gone through like many of you various PDFs and programs from a number of different sources, to many to mention here in this post. Some of the deeper knowledge has actually come from the providers themselves, but more often than not the knowledge I learned in the PDFs and programs gave me the knowledge and terminology needed to ask the right questions. With the next three membership sites I will try and explain the terminology on offer and the skills you can look out for as the days unfold and the data to help is revealed. A word of warning though and this goes to me to, knowbody wants to be teaching tyre kickers, it happens every year and often is the case the programs you choose will lead into more in depth knowledge whereby your teachers scan build a better relationship with you and bespoke the things you need to learn ( bit like a fancy suit form Saville Row).

OK the three membership programs I implore you to look out for only if you have the time mind is: Success-Bug | Thirty day Challenge | Ninety Day Challenge.

My final note is that I attended a webinar last night and had a good time, it was very late and I enjoyed what I heard and actively took part in the exercises suggested in the notebook. Not sure if this down the the MIT Cisco video before hand that got me into my knowing or the fact that the host of the webinar is possibly one of the best hosts on online, well done Larry Loik, and I believe it was his birthday this week, judging by his Face book profile he appears to have teamed up with The Apprentice US A’s Donald Trump, hope that is not to much of an understatement since Larry is working with many people these days. Which reaffirms my curiosity and perhaps my shortcomings of studying lots of interesting things. Have a nice day.

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SEO API META DMOZ Site indexing

A video in a new series covering SEO in June 2011. The video’s take into consideration a three part process of understanding and explaining howto SEO in WordPress, understanding changes in MSN and changes that occur with changing any aesthetics of a website.

SEO June 2011 WordPress three step process: [Part One]

As we see in CPANEL and this is fresh for 2011 is for, wait before I go any further, yes this year we have a Cpanel conference that is showing and hosting the solutions to the changes in Google Meta indexing mentioned in Panda post a few weeks ago. Some of the posts have api. Whereby you search by comparison at one side you are getting graded by the Meta index and HTML PHP of CSS of website what is missing is what is actually being aligned from website form all station.

SEO API META DMOZ Site indexing [Part Two]

So what is missing if you picked on this before you will have seen Yahoo Explorer has been taken over by Microsoft. Microsoft have there own type of building provided in CPANEL called well look for the jigsaw puzzle icon, this is called FrontPage, FrontPage is the equivalent of Fantastico WordPress uploading process. You can find more about changing over to MSN designed website by going over the APSense and joing the group Microsoft MSN Expression. This is a place where people who are interested, already using and thinking about changing over or just helping customers move over to Microsoft websites uploaded to your host with Frontpage within CPanel.

Robert Bridge is a blogger who blogs about technology communications and traffic acquisitions online. http://Robert-Bridge.Mobi/About

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Dip into SEO links


Just a quick reminder to help you with your SEO what I speak of here is not necessarily implemented in this post but I will come back later and do the best I can.

Search engine optimisation helps people navigate around your website and predominantly find your blog for specific keywords you wish to be noticed for, you can research this prior to your post. You will want to do this for the direction you wish to go with your blog. If money is a key thing you wish to get back from your blog then creating the right product or finding the right affiliate  program for the words you cater for can be very helpful, you will or should have already done this by now. You can find a small list of affiliate sites to join by searching Robert-Bridge.co.uk.

The blog post should by all measures have some continuity below are a few bullet points of what the term continuity can actually mean, and will give a sizable improve your sites SEO properties.

  • Internal linking within posts to the suitable posts and topics already covered.
  • Good use of grammar and a basic attempt at indexing your sites PR level 0-10
  • Using audible text will make your site more friendly, delete any corrupt plugins.

What is internal linking?

By linking to posts you have already posted the navigation properties inside your blog will give your reader a reason to click onto another post, thereby giving your readers another peep at your chosen advertisements. These can be created byy yourself, supplied for by the affiliate company you choose, or perhaps even join you some other place you spend time with in the world of social media, micro management or gaming and investing.

What is PR and how can good grammar help?

Page Rank is something that comes from various sources a good place to find out your page rank is by doing a search for Page Rank PR (relevant:). You can then find the sources that the chosen places used to give page rank and try and get your site indexed. Again by adding internal links within your post, you will be giving authority not just to readers of the website but also the readers who use other methods of browsing content posted inside blogs. Many sites that approve your site you will first need to apply for your site to be indexed and choose the relevant topics of news you deliver within the content of your blog.

How do I find out if a plugin is pulling a fast one?

Answer: By checking your RSS feed validator, an easy place to do this is Feedburner, there it will supply you with a link to validate and troubleshoot your link. The data it supplies that has a negative impact is highlighted in yellow and the good thing is the line numbers of your script are provided. Rather than go into Cpanel or go into the PHP of your WordPress blog, you can simply look for any tell tale signs that may link to a particular plugin. If so, you might just want to delete this plugin, because they often cram in shady links that give your PR a negative impact, similarly many of your comments that come through that you Askimet spam filter cuts out also filters these negative links.

Leave any comments below for any relevant questions that you may or may not need answering.

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Robert Bridge gives the old marketing and business tips again

Joel Roberts

Hi It’s me again Robert Bridge and I have a bonus for you today, its a friendly reminder and I will be making more synergy in the way I deliver this important message, stop whatever it is you are doing and study this, if you cannot understand my communication then please let me know I am here to help.

I can even quite possibly assist, guide and help you to find your way around these simple and necessary skills you need.

My names Robert and I am a newbie Internet Marketer and within this post you find the fundamental preliminaries needed to boost, or refresh and improve yourself, your business or whatever it is you do online, off-line, study or anything really. I have kept it as simple and as comprehensive as
humanly possible and I hope you find value in today’s blurbs. You can find out more by going to http://robert-bridge.co.uk
http://robert-bridge.info or http://robert-bridge.mobi you can even join the Google forum by following me on Twitter micro managing, or perhaps you have stumbled on one of the many Facebook pages I have
floating about and shame on you if you identified but did not press the little like button! I have made it easy for you by adding the Stik button, if you click the Facebook Like you will be liking ‘A Special Page for Facebook friends‘ .

What does it mean to have clarity and direction in marketing and how can this help you move forward with your small business(es)?

That’s even before you define and identify what your service, product, advice, information; that is assuming you know what you small business is, but if you don’t this will help too.

  • What can auditing your business with marketing do for improving and developing your product(s), services(s), etc?
  • How and where to find the facts about your business and niche. Strategically taking your product(s), services to the correct places online, and concentrating these efforts into the new places that arrive to hopefully at some point generate into customers,
  • contacts and more leads within the small world you have managed to find your predicted turnover in. Mapping this audited world is a great way to navigate, shape and tweak your own business if indeed it even is a business.

What are the statistics measured from the conversions you get or other people have had with a similar product?

Calculate the probability of this conversion to a sale or building leads. From this you can calculate your own predicted amount you need for your business to tick over and pay for itself and the overheads your business has. Look as this model to understand daily, weekly or monthly what needs to be done in order to achieve the results required for growth. How will you from the beginning record this information one example is through Excel documents and creating bar charts for everyday, week, month or year. That is why segmenting the areas in which you contact, communicate and eventually, sell, or convert into long term leads.

Making your business a local business through the website and blog, implementing the necessary tools to communicate and question your customers and audience.

Matching all this with email header settings and signatures to taking this a further step with branding your business cards. This responsibility is about creativity, knowledge of the solutions available that are suitable and improve your service and products or in line with the design and delivery of your information.

Also have in place the extra’s needed to incite your customers to want easily give feedback and information about what it is that you do. You do this by having a forum, you can also do this by when you first set up your hosting in CPanel blog or forum configuring a SQL database system that works between local email address, the sites http://s name address and IP reader. Organizing and being able to easily distinguish between the many variables is something that through starting of on the right foot of what needs to be understood from a marketing point of view in your business. The future of your business will depend on the amount of money you make in your expected vision from the dates you set to achieve the goals you have.

Finding a voice from all of this and understanding from the feedback or how the people who are interested in what you have are communicating this is the communication stance you need to take.

You might have to adjust and regularly highlight and mention the syntax and terminology these folks use because this will make them feel like they are at the right place, are being understood and are getting there needs met, through the best possible realistic means and mediums available.

If the community like to communicate but there is not a place for them to communicate in then you will either loose them or they will eventually find a place to express their passions and progress else where, if however there is already one popular place available then you need to communicate in this space regularly.

Finding your voice online for some is even easier than face to face because their voice or looks or way they carry themselves can lead room for judgments and greatly reduce the attraction factor that secretly goes on in the backbench’s of business minded people, these are the fundamentals we all have in regards to spending, this differs depending
on the type of selling. Variations of this are those that are compulsive buyers they buy now read or open later, the buyers who need to buy it to sustain life like physical products, food fuel, currency etc. Being able to distinguish identify and float between the two is a very useful skill, you should find this now, even before your business means anything to your customers, in-fact even before it means anything to you. Selling making money is a key part of this but not every buyer is attracted to attributing financial things with prices this is another thing you should realistically know, so don’t be afraid to ask people what they would like to pay for such a thing, over time the price will manifest, if you feel like in the beginning you are undercutting yourself, then chances are you know what your competition is and no what it is that they are charging.

If this is true then you will not be making any friends within your industry, in-fact by recognizing this you will be able to identify the reconnaissance in which you engage in your field. A good example of this is walking into a room where everyone is in competition and the levels that exist within this room when you all sit down together.

  • There will be people open supportive and engaged in the conversation.
  • There will be people closed and protective of the things they do and love,
  • then there others who are random, unfocused and perhaps are struggling to distinguish or identify if they are even sat in the right room.

These are often the same people who would find growth in the consistent reminders and sales pitches needed to pitch-wares online. This goes the same across the board, face to face, Skype or Voip, E-mail messaging, video marketing, sticker branding, image associating, word play bleating and even latitude positioning.Continuity in communications is one thing, but having a varied voice and team is another. Its the good cop bad cop principle, some people want the nitty gritty and other people want some coherent structure that seems to abide by the laws and principles of the universe and most people in today’s society and on-line community move between these
worlds, they want to know the good the bad and the ugly as they continue in there own pursuits or fulfil there own needs to expand and improve the sales of the services, product(s), communities etc.

I have kept it as simple and as comprehensive as humanly possible and I hope you find value in today’s blurbs.

You can find out more by going to:
http://robert-bridge.co.uk http://robert-bridge.info http://robert-bridge.mobi

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Mobile phones and cloud based software Adabas Natural and mainframes.


The PCA Agency the radio’s they use are specialist support, the national DNA database Police National Computers has been around for 30 years and is critical to all vehicles and all convictions in the world. The software platform it runs on is an Adabas system and Natural, this has been the case for over twenty years. This brings handheld devices information to be communicated with police to make places safer.


Global ANPR

Global ANPR

ANPR recognises reads through a machine and sends the data to the PNC which has the ANPR software and checks the details of the license plate. The main concern for the police right now is the Olympics held in London for the technology of hand held communications.

This German software has what is known as a back office within the office that has complex and well developed e-commerce and customer user options that appeal to a broad range of facilities developed in the Industry of IT. Adabas and Natural in its panel tracks IP addresses, measures the amount of hits to sites and web pages very similar to AJAX. These facilities include anything from forms and mainframes that give the user the ability to fill in the correct clustered files. This data is often very sensitive, for example the registries do not want such sensitive data available to the general public but equally many companies do not want their repositories intercepted. There can be many reasons for this and there have been recently over the past two years suggestions of Cloud based integration to minimise the amount of Bandwidth that is needed to hold this type of data, however Cloud based hosting has not yet managed to tick all the security required boxes. This is one reason why there are fears about cloud based software.

KPI Become a Key Peson of Influence
This increases production via the web and improves the ability to integrate new and further advanced open source software. The measurement of this data within the software can be converted in the graphs and bar charts. The medical industry use this software to report to their peers the statistics and numbers of cases and patients that they have served. This is also good for other services already mentioned like police services and is used on a global scale. This also appeals from stores like toy shops, mobile companies that sell mobile devices and accessories and have reportedly thanks to the software increased their productivity three fold since implementing the software.

Understanding this type of information and how IT have developed and packaged this type of data is revealed in the book, process Intelligence for Dummies. In this book you will find out how to track (KPI) the key performance indicators this in turn helps deliver data to the right places almost immediately and helps the users process the data within chosen array of options. By measuring KPI and identifying measurable and recorded data within the database, within a closed environment only accessible by members on the website and delegate roles and responsibilities to access the various layers within the (LANS) Local access and (WANS) worldwide data the world organisations can greatly improve and hybridise there skills and expertise through the accumulation of this data.

From a humanitarian perspective the software also has an additional blueprint based on research from companies like NASA who had to conceptualise data for cosmonauts and astronauts alike who would be going into scenario’s that would often have to be predicted before they could even be recorded. The merging of this information helped develop the template they offer in the software and as you can imagine this type of data is not only tailor made by blueprint but also has to be flexible enough to be upgraded as an when the new open source software that has been tested and approved, then in-turn can then be integrated into the software. The mainframes play a big part in this.

Since July of last year the suggested Cloud based research on smaller industries have been in place. The positive reasons outside of having to pay less money for bandwidth with the addition of quicker load-ability for countries where the internet services are much slower, there is an underlying thought about security.

The security claims are 99.9% however this data has not been proved recorded and statistically developed enough for Cloud based technology to get the nod with Police forces and medical records within hospitals and GP practices which rightly demand a 100% guarantee that sensitive and important data cannot be breached as indeed any other governance. A good example of this is when you take the tribal warfare principle and apply it to local services such as the Navy and there Round Table objectives, the services recommended to country has to be accountable to other companies and alliances within the world to improve the Globalisation procedures, but changing times require different levels of integrity.

This is enough to create many suspicious minds, but gleefully this position as globalisation becomes more of a reality is flattening out. Another suspicion is aimed at corporations and big bonuses because having access to the higher levels of such large databases, especially when the flow of money is included in the measurements the fear of tampering with the size of bonuses from Top down within the software is a reality. I’m sure the data within the software measures this to for every change there will be a recording of any internal edits made within the system.

Similarly there also abilities for people with the right key and have access to press the right buttons have the ability to manipulate the system, this is why I support 100% the development and ability to allow hybridisation of new software within any system as and when it needs to be adjusted. This is also why software that has the ability to break down companies structure to a granular level they can signpost and almost mind-map the synaptic and mnemonic links. This is why measurements online are important, but also it is important to understand how to not only use the measurement devices for example Google Addsense and know where to go with the Global tracking, know where and why to find the IP addresses, know IP Addresses in order to dismiss or possibly track the root of Flipped common IP addresses, to find the customer who actually seeks the service, or in some cases take additional steps to protect the database.

In conclusion technology has in part like businesses a constructed amalgamation of necessary small important components, and with each in place the product you get at the end is granular collection, some of these will have positive and negative impacts whilst others the system will not function without, sorting through all these things can help.


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New Upload to Mixcloud.com

robbwindow Mixcloud

I just uploaded “March 2011 Trance Mix by Robbwindow” to www.mixcloud.com, please listen now at: http://www.mixcloud.com/robbwindow/march-2011-trance-mix-by-robbwindow/

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Secret Tips for Beginners Audio Recorded In Bath

Photo 35

Blogs are a very important marketing tool, but understanding the complete variables of blogging and trying to explain them to you in half an hour whilst in the bath still seemed a little incomplete, so rather than explain what I aready said in the audio this blog post has additional media text about other things you may want to consider.


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