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Hi my names Robert Bridge, this is my website where I share with you everything I think will help you to do stuff. Google

Website Updates. What have I learned today?

robbridge#2Having a website or websites that function in a way that gives the correct options available. Without all the fuss of having to spend lots of money to setup with all the necessary components and scripts thats maximise your efforts.

Throughout todays search I have found firstly paid promoted options which on further research and combing through information already on my hard drive compiled over seven years I have managed to come up with great solutions, options, scripts, tracking tips and promotional options.

Time is very important, I value my time however over the years I have found myself on a similar search spree. This has gone on for eight years and has sadly lacked in a lot of action. Along the way I have bumped into some really trust worthy business people, websites (many are still live today).

Over the years similar questions come up about having an online business presence that is compatible enough to call a business. Registering this business along with justifying means through monetisation however has sadly lacked.

I can only imagine this has effected trust in myself however the great thing is I have not broken anyones trust, perhaps this is why I still have what I call these amazing friends who are successful around the world.

Most of these people always ask Rob when are you going to do something worthwhile, that has an impact on loads of people. What they basically mean is when are you going to reschedule and use a similar system every other online marketer uses.

As simple or as technical as this maybe the basic duplicatable blueprint regardless of what it is needs a few things, which I consistently think of and have searched for to swerve any unnecessary payments and confusing parts of the puzzle that folks have a say there conversions were far greater thanks to having these parts on hand to both add, test and see the results.

Today has been one of those days for me, my hope is that this curiosity does not go to waste.

It starts in a number of different ways, usually someone sends me an email, the email takes me to an offer page, option page or sales video with a timed pop up big orange button that springs up below.

So lets start with todays email auto responder research which has come up the most, time and time again I have been looking at the options, the extras that come with them, the free versions and the problems I have experienced with all of these along the way and yes before I go on to much every free auto responder I have used regardless of how effective the email was, or confirmation of subscription was to the more complicated side of unguided setting these things up.

That was then and this is now, please do not waste your time on this research yourself, these patterns will only slow you down. So find a Autoresponder you like. The boys at the top with the biggest budgets are using something bigger than auto responders and the cost of this is three figures (in $) per month. One good example is Infusion soft (which I included in a Youtube video looking briefly at auto responders) and another one which has come up recently is OmniPort, Frank Kerns used this for a bit and Super affiliate Charles Kirkland.

Most people however use two or three auto responders, obviously they choose one for list building, some even create their own auto responders, rebranding them, renaming and then using as part of their affiliate marketing based program. I think you will find they are just the same price as Aweber, the only difference maybe is that you get the added support from the rebranding.

This sort of rebranding is done by purchasing PLR rights which give them the ability to tailor make the same tool, there are lots of products out there, lots of people talk about these sorts of things on the Warrior Forum. Interestingly this week it seems the Warrior Forum has announced they have sold the site to a top company, these sorts of ventures happen a lot.

Tip that you know and should remember when creating, buying or engaging as such, most businesses are made to raise IPO then sell to someone else. So no one service lasts forever.

What does this mean (without going to much on a tangent here)? Well growth is something that should come to mind, after all and here is another cliche is you are not growing then you are just covering overheads. And I can guarantee if you are not changing your continuity program it all will come stale, folks will not pay monthly subscriptions for stuff they already know.

Magazines are great ways of keeping outsiders aware of any changes, this is just one example of creating growth in a continuity program. Sorry for stating the obvious, I just want to make a point to you and me about this one point. Issu and other places like that are good places free where you can host your really cool PDF magazines. Magazines used to be really popular they still are, a waiting room is simply not a waiting room without a few cool magazines and the side somewhere for people to glance at whilst waiting for a service.

Stop. Back to todays research I have a lot of important stuff to cover ( I have a feeling this will not be the first time I have to stop myself in flow of writing) to avoid confusion I will go back and lighten the colour of the text of any background information and noise).

We were talking about marketing tools in this example auto responders. If I seem a little emotional I apologise, years of trying out these things have left me a bit wounded. Yes I have always been very grateful but I have constantly come to to many instances of being stuck during and after setting these things up, hence this entry.

Auto responder at my price range other than creating a really cool database with all the forms and SQL data knowledge to setup tables and understand what goes where, where to retrieve it, how to segment, add to various styles of page, from HTML simple squeeze pages, using paid software, WordPress sites, shopping cart options to you name it I have been confused by it as I am sure you have too.

So here it is in front of me I have open a heap of pages, one of them is an auto responder, it gives great videos showing on whats possible, how it can do more than just send emails direct to inbox, how they host and archive these blasts of promotional info and to where they can automatically pst out too. In so doing I sure you agree there is a likely chance of growth. That auto responder is Get Response, more and more people are using it and I can see why however the page I have open with the helpful videos is actually called Get Response 360 and unusually the link is I will leave the rest up to you to take a look.

rob bridge website updatesSo now back to my thoughts for the day from the heap of information I have dug up again. Here I will oscillate between new pages open on Chrome and the wonderful abundance of back up information I found on the hard drive.

First let me list them in no specific order other than it covers what I said in the beginning of this entry.

Social sharing, its April 2014 times have changed social sharing buttons have changed. Some of you may know I use and have best knowledge of blogging on Bloggers (Google) or more importantly hosted on free hosting WordPress.

Lets stick with hosted, its a lot easier, with a lot more options, your on your own lacking in the added community promotional bonuses but you have much more aesthetic options when it comes to social media gimmicks and impressing your friends like the mainstream businesses do.

The buttons seem to have gotten a lot bigger, due to perhaps mobile considerations. I am sure you have noticed this stuff too, however tracking is often wrapped in secret javascript buckets limiting you ability to find this stuff out.

So rather than waste your time I will just give you the link to the plugin for WordPress I suspect you need.

Use this is you are using a newer responsive template. From HTML 5, Boiler plate to big ass news based websites this is the plugin you are looking for. It took be a bit of rooting about a bit, has done for weeks, sending me to places like Github that I be honest in seven years or so using I have not got 100% confidence in using and found. Here is the link: So far it has a really low rating but its new and it looks just like the big ass social sharing buttons you have been looking for It is called Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons.

I have just added it to my website and you can take a look at that here:

At the time of writing this there has been another WordPress update so if you have a Wordress site be sure to login and update the framework, because they now have drag and drop facilities, exciting updates to the editor and other new updates too.

Be cautious though if you have a specially designed template like many of you do and are not the designer or not sure if you template is compatible with the new framework best leave it be. Any updates can really mess things up.

On the plugin side its not so bad.

However I did notice one update this year that bugged me and I think has happened a few times and that is with the All In One Webmaster which I have been harping on for years, its really good however before any updates are done be sure to copy and paste the codes into editor before updating. Recently I found it slowed down site load speed so I invite any of you to offer up any solutions.

Similarly I found a problem with Word fence a security checker plugin that slowed down loading on my Hosting with HostGator baby plan account. If you have concerns about site load speed search cloud hosting options or looking for reasonably priced hosting (around £29.95 for multi sites per month).

N.B. note if you do have a ring of websites all in house promoting sites for your own in house back linking service then you should take note of the tip above. Its nothing new its just something to be mindful of if you like many others talking to yourself, until you pay per click to a business page with some of things I am going to get to maximize your efforts in setting up business online.

The reason for this is because new things are added it makes everything you have done a blank slate. Any webmaster will tell you how annoying it is to have to log back into.

You have webmaster settings, analytics settings and now meta tagging things to consider. Find out more about the new meta tagging search possibilities over on old faithful Google here:

They are currently calling it Tag Manager and its free to implement although requires a Gmail analytics type account to login with.

Just a sub note on this if you are using a HTML site uploaded via FTP via Windows Filezilla or Mac Transit then you might want to get all the codes in one bucket and add to pages updating the HTML via FTP, its no biggie. Once you master these simple instructions in the right direction ( often means trawling through Youtube) you will be much more independently competent to do these things yourself, point your outsourcers in the right direction or delegate tasks out to members of your team or family business.

The above note is only for measuring, once we were overloaded with mirroring, split testing and locating who comes from where, where they might have come from and how long they stayed on your page. All you have to worry about now is how it looks on a mobile phone.

The great thing about basic HTML is that is usually looks quite good on anything. The only thing that might hold you back are images sizes (are they shrinking correctly) and videos do they play on all devices, does that device or tablet accept flash, is the video uploaded in the right format for mobile phone.

You have two choices with that and many people make the mistake of going for big MAC TV style rather that the mobile option. If you are uploading to website or hosting it on Amazon bucket or something like that you want to double check the flash code you use is also asynchronous with the mobile phone.

I will if I get time. Like I say there are a heap of things to consider. I am not trying to put you off or confuse you in any way I am just trying to clear a few mistakes I am noticing with a handful of marketing mistakes other people are making right now.

If all you have is a video that does not play and a big orange button that pops up below and the video does not play do you think anyone will be compelled to buy. Making a sales video or content based video is hard enough let alone being concerned about does it play on your website. If you are concerned about bandwidth hosting on site try the Amazon AWS bucket option (very popular with Tellman Knudson techniques) if you are using Youtube be sure to save the file the right format MV4, MP4 or something like this. If you can upload a decent quality and sized video to MotionLive or Vimeo then try that, you may even just want to make on phone and upload it direct when plugged into wifi to Facebook on mobile phone. Just depends what you are playing with.

If you are filming yourself you should use a camera, rather than a two bit built in webcam, similarly if you are adding audio, you might want to try your headphones and Mic to increase the volume or better style buy a microphone that drones out all the spluttering sounds you make when your mouth gets to close to the microphone. Another good tip I learned a few years ago is go over your audio recording either in GarageBand or Audacity and delete all the um, errs or any other unneccessary gaps and pauses. If you have a nice video editor software you can also do this with video, any unwanted facial expressions, eyes rolling, lack of enthusiasm in your intonation can be scratched out of the video, take out all the waffle too.

So now I am feeling this post is a bit long so I will stop myself again and continue.

A great tip learned this week: Group meditation online is good for gathering the mind and getting more done. I used to regularly go into town, sit in a room, look at a picture of a spot on the wall, whilst listening to an audio in a group environment and meditate. Having a dog and less desire to hang around town a online group meditation is really good so I will recommend that here too. Apparently when you login there is a page where everyone mediating at these regular sessions shows up on Google maps, which is cool. Its the group participation right now that helps focusing, visualising and maximising the gifts mediation has to offer me, and I hope if you get chance you too. We all know it works, its not everyones cup of tea. So with that said perhaps this is reason enough for you to bookmark this page and come back and comment or thank me in some way.

So now I will quickly mention the script codes, yes they are script codes but I am today at a similar conclusion for an exit code you need to buy a license for this sort of coding. There are free codes for countdown scripts and send to bookmarks but not for exit scripts. I used to like the Russell Brunson Exit Splash thing but that often referred you site to another blog or back to the original exit splash page, it was free and just worked in that people stayed longer on site. A good exit is when it refers a squeeze page to yet another squeeze page of an interesting offer. its very important. And if you want to avoid years a juggling around freebies check out to good exit option. You can use this when adding your product to Clickbank, Clicksure or Affiliate Share and will definitely help. On a blog I would hope it helps you get more subscribers or opt ins to your newsletter promoting whatever it is you are passionate about.

So to acquire to exit splash script and its recommended by a recent Welsh marketing offline networking titan Alex Jefferies.

I have his ebook on hard drive some place and will take a read of that sometime this week too. Notice also in the code by right clicking in code and viewing the code Exit Splash sales page uses a Amazon hosted video, they say these things load nice and quick and the hosting is pay as you go. There are no fancy Johnson boxes but there is a nice associated Graphic at the top of the page again something heavily overused but just work.

If you have made a financial commitment like many a man I am sure you already have access to this stuff and doing well, this is more for the 99% who sort of know, but just need pointing in the right direction.

N.B. If you are doing webinars and emailing that way as we know now the alternative to Get Webinar in Google+, Google plus is still a bit clunky and difficult to implement code of a website with buttons sales copy and fancy pop up scripts so if you have right now for the year $297 go over and check out what Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime have created its a lot cheaper. Other options that have caught my eye consistently over the years has been Mike and his buddy with there webinar facility in the GVO auto responder monthly $47 package. I believe delivery rates are likely to go in spam more if you do not know what you are doing however having everything under one roof is a good option. Doing a webinar, making money through using your sales abilities, interviewing like minded people (JV world news) then Google Hangouts website is a lot cheaper than paying $3000 a year.

I can not say anything about why it costs that much or how you benefit from these things. Similarly like the Auto Responder at the high end Infusion Soft I can not give testimony to all the things available there for lead building, you will have to just do your own due diligence. I just wanted to get a lot of this stuff of my chest and similarly it often makes good reference for me, since this is me and this is myspace too.

Another thing I found on hard rive is a WordPress HTML template a gift received from Charles Kirkland that I have not been able to implement in any way. I can add the associated graphic and when I get an auto responder that fits my budget I can add that too. I will do my best to keep the paragraphs short and punchy, spend time on cutting out all the confusion and doubt and hopefully as I sure you will to come out with something ground breaking rather than confusing, boring and unfocused. That leaves little crumbs on the table that over the year pile up and burn holes in pockets.

Other things I have discovered today but not had chance to look into and give my weight in salt is a social sharing button on I may add this somewhere if its free. Check it out.

A Plan, A Book, A Worpress Site Now What?

You have that plan but does it include new stuff, my bet is it does not that is where social media comes in handy, but here is the thing there is a lot of crap out there and a lot of clicking around before you find this stuff out.

Word press is free now it always has been no big deal, but when you paying for advertising you want a template that says wow and does a couple of things.

What I do want to talk about is social sites where real people are getting creative and searching inside there own knowing, getting new readers and adding value to the Internet.

So how do we make my Word press site nice and more importantly with a simple plan tailor made how do I come away from all the noise.

Excited and happy that I am exposed to innovative ideas and cutting edge innovative marketing strategies that do not track back to someone with an army of followers who are simply intent of reproducing the same stuff.

website need updating?Hi my name is Robert Bridge and this is my blog and that is my dog Mutley, we are sat here in the sweltering heat Mutley is snoozing right now and frankly I have spent one hour studying other affiliate marketing sites only to come back to by blog.

Basically I have just read nothing new but have noticed a few nice plain websites with simple Aweber option threads.

The great thing is on each of these threads the affiliates have clearly labelled what you will get if you option, for each individual post, it is called segmentation.

And it is Nothing new. It’s just an interesting way of measuring and understanding who you are selling to and how to deliver what they need.

The plan is a very simple one is get traffic free from search engines as well as have a page which is accepted for paid advertising campaigns from Google, banner advertising on other sites and the usual Facebook retargeting campaigns and Youtube video links that follow you round everywhere.

So I logged in here and started writing to share with you with no catch some simple info that is going to help and will get the ball rolling.

Firstly when writing you can embed a heap of social media extensions into a post to make it more graphical, its easier to get to the bottom of any topic, looks great and will be more enriching for yourself and your readers.

Here is that list here.

  1. Storify
  2. ReadWave
  3.  Scribd
  4. Youtube
  5. Slideshare
  6. Google Drive Powerpoint presentation
  7. Twitter shares to embed

Next I want to spill the beans on Social Media traffic getting sites that basically draw from the pinning theory.

The idea with images is that when you are pinning you are getting slight back links to domain.

The pinning API process is quick and all kinds of people are there depending on where and what you want to talk about, they all copy a similar thing to Pinterest.

Pinterest copied the idea from Tumblr where people spend far to much time compiling images that they like.

It becomes a bit of hybrid and is always changing, the key to note is when comments happen and new content comes out its a key indicator that something is working fine.

Its all very well having a planned out WordPress site but if you have no readers and your traffic appears dormant its probably because you are saying nothing new.

The chances are like most of us you make do with what is already out there but getting people to leave these sites and visit your website is becoming increasingly more difficult.

By pushing the boat out and joining new communities you will be able to test for yourself which of these are for you and which ones are duffers.

The thing is these sites are growing and it is really touch and go when someone will find what you have wonderfully created so give it a whirl and add something nice there.

Sometimes simple writing is good, moreover a nice image or meme tagged text over an image is what sticks in minds and creates a buzz.

The other alternative is taking these to Youtube and planning a narrative with pauses, facial close ups to mesmerise the viewer just in the hope they will click your link or in this case banner to arrive at your blog.

The hope is that we will find the answer to what ever it is that is brewing in the back of the head.


Twitter fans I have some tips for you too and anyone who uses any social media has to take this into consideration.

If a name is what you have and you want to continue this across the board to get maximum optimisation from filling in profiles to create a steady page one content management without having to spend over $300 to get someone to do it for you.

7. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkd In
10. Empire Avenue
12. Apsense
13. Twiends
14. Twellow
16. Blogpsot ( be sure to utilize the RSS feed import)
17. Replace Google Reader with Feedly because Feedly works well with things like (Twitter Management)

Getting the content you need and bundling it up into something that is going to serve you means you need to host things somewhere.

I may have already mentioned this but just for reference and you know what this can do, (so you can find out where to squeeze it into YOUR plan).

Nice PDF’s are good having that basic CV again is very good but mixing and matching media with video’s in posts again is good.

  • ISSU
  • See archives for others they are still really good and innovative

When you purchase through the link on this page you can have this bonus by visiting You just need to ensure that the order form says [affiliate=robbwindow] at the bottom.
Please note that this bonus is my special gift to you and is not the responsibility of the vendor whose product you are purchasing or ClickSure (who handle the sale). So if you have any issue regarding my bonus, such as a problem downloading, please come directly to me at [] where I will be pleased to help.

Empire Avenue and special gifts

Today I am making my first entry for Empire Avenue. Empire Avenue is great I really like it and thank everyone who endorsed this website, I appreciate your support and look forward to getting more creative in relation to the new engaging audience.

Currently my stocks are low but I will be back this afternoon to begin trading again. Empire Avenue great business simulator.

Below are a few items on Amazon that I think may help you get organised, assist and accompany some of the gadgets you may have invested in.

I have included an item to help you get more creative and organised with a special pen, and something that may or may not help you with your security around the home, good if your thinking about a vacation or just wish to step up your home security on a budget.

Acurite Indoor Humidiy Monitor Check comfort conditions in the house at a glance with this combination thermometer and humidity gauge. Designed for indoor use. features include large, easy-to-read display with numerical readouts, simple house-shaped icon that reflects humidity comfort levels, tracks daily highs and lows for both temp and humidity. A compact and portable little device, the gauge has a magnet backing for sticking on fridges and shelves as well as a foldout stand for the desktop. It requires one AA battery, which is not included, and measures 2-1/2 by 3 inches.

Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master Security System with Night Vision Be there even when you’re not. Get peace of mind, even at night. The Logitech Alert 750e is a weatherproof digital video security system giving you instant access to crystal-clear HD-quality video anytime, anywhere—on your mobile phone, online or at your computer.

3 Pack of Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen (Red + Black + Silver) These stylus are very well made and work very well, if all you want to do is find an alternative to pressing the onscreen keyboard. However, these stylus are totally useless for use with a drawing program because the rubber tip will not glide across the screen. If you use your iPhone outdoors and you are wearing gloves, these stylus are for you. If you want to draw, then you’d be better off with a stylus with a soft foam tip.


USA Gear FlexSleeve Neo-Cushion Protective Cover Case Guard for ViewSonic G-Tablet / Acer Iconia A500 and More! **Includes Micro-Fiber Cloth** This comfortably-fitting FlexSleeve Neoprene CoverGuard protects your tablet from all kinds of mishaps. It is made of a tough neoprene material, which provides protection from scratches and bumps. This easy-to-use FlexSleeve Neoprene CoverGuard is sleek and makes it easy to travel with your tablet and comes with a comprehensive 3 year warranty.Keep your 10-10.3″ tablets protected in style! Perfect for tablets like ViewSonic GTablet / Motorola Xoom / Acer Iconia Tab W500-BZ467 , A500
Silent Vibrating Personal Alarm Clock “Shake-N-Wake” Shake – n – Wake zzZ Silent Alarm Clock wakes you on time every time, without disturbing others. You need to get up at 6, but your partner begins the day at 7. With the Shake-n-Wake zzZ, you can start your day without inconveniencing loved ones. Wristwatch-style alarm clock is able to be worn conveniently and comfortably on the wrist. Instead of emitting a loud and annoying beep to tell you it’s time to get up, it vibrates gently but firmly, waking you up the easy way… while letting others catch a few more winks. Innovative and effective! Rise and shine: Comfortable and lightweight to wear; One-touch backlight lets you see what time it is, even in the middle of the night; Also ideal for reminding you of appointments, medication times and more. Measures 2 1/4 x 3/4 x 2″h., weighs just 2 ozs.; Order now, and start waking up the RIGHT way! Shake-n-Wake zzZ Personal Alarm Clock. Each requires 1 AAA Battery (not included)

Reflective Update Dog Ears

This is an update that I have wanted to make for a short while now, I have been asked to usually keep if brief though I see this an acception.

First let me say a bit about who I am am.

My name is Robert Bridge and I like to think of myself as a buddy blogger, just recently I received a dog, its been a couple of months now, he is the same breed as my moms on the Isle of Man, accept my moms dog is a she.

Mutley is a great company and just like Tess on the Isle of Man he is great company, tough cookie, amazing ears and best thing is he does not require haircuts.

This week I had a radical haircut.

Went to the barbers and got a number one on the sides and a number two on top, speaking of which.

No its great just back now, Mutley just had a poop and I just got some chicken and chips.

Today I want to talk about how my life has radically changed now that I am a dog owner.

And also say a few things about blogging that I have noticed, I be honest though I have had less time to keep my eye on the ball, though what I have seen and read online this month most of which has either been RSS commissioned out to thousands of places, people talking and repackaging the same stuff, repackaging it and tailor making it to make a profit.

Rinse and repeat is easy, and the strange thing is I keep noticing the same things I thought about seven or more years ago, the fact is though folks things have moved on.

If you are a blogger then you know that statement.

My experience is trying to do to many things at once, I leave things lying around all over the place.

It is a problem often when going out finding the keys, over the past seven years blogging I have managed to do certain things that help.

Putting things in certain places as soon as I get in, so I know where to look in the morning when me and mutters need to go out.

I wish this would not happen anymore.

By the time I get out the door all is well, Mutley is happy, he makes me smile and we walk around like nothing ever happened.

The world is once again restored.

If only blogging was this simple.

Its just a diary really, I am fed up today, fed up for a while now.

Fed up with the minor goals I set myself, fed up of a scatter brain and fed up of being single.

The only saving grace is my old pal Mutley.

So what am I grateful for what have I learned about using WordPress all these years.

Q. what have you learned about media since graduating?

Q2. What things have happened in your life that has any consequence in the real world outside of the digital landscape?

Nothing much, quite honestly I have been treading water for quite some time now and this morning when Mutley did his daily jump in the canal I was tempted to jump in too, I held back though like I always do.

God its been hot this summer, its still hot now.

And what have I achieved again?

Not much but heres the thing I am honestly hand on heart grateful.

Gratitude right, god love em.

Grateful for simple things like this blog, the keyboard I type on the leads that are still in place and the power of this. Imagine this you have the ability to find, at your disposal is an ability to contact creators, call upon people who have claimed to have had contact with all sorts of things.

It makes you think right?

Parents have become equally educated teachers, kids have known nothing other than the Internet world.

Brought up on exploring search, instead of being outside chasing their tail they are indoors making things, making them proud, I seen it on the telly, great speach right, but a round of what I hear you ask again.

If I seem like I am talking to myself then I probably am but here is the thing, I am actually grateful.

I have managed to explore and search for years now, I have typed a lot of things.

I am so busy that the happiness I have experienced and the relationships I have created regardless of how ephemeral it may seem to most people.

I writing this from the heart, not the head.

I can tell you how to solve your problems though I struggle to stick to what I do best, which is erm.

Well I like blogging, I like speaking and talking with people and enjoy the odd bit of banter.

I know the dog likes this sort of thing with other dogs too. I am really grateful to butchers who help with scraps for mutter, as indeed many of the friends I subscribed to who invited me to meet them face to face at their seminars.

At these seminars I have met a million people who are just as lost than me, but heres the thing the one thing they do know took ages for them to tell me.

People are amazing, everyone has one very special gift. I think perhaps successful people apply this one thing to many other factors of their life. Imagine that in your story.

For me this has been a transformational quote that brought me into a matrix world, I feel I am leaving this world now.

Soon it maybe back to reality back to the usual 9-5.

I enjoyed at university studying stories, the theory of stories Todorov and Wiiliam James, the fantasy story the narrative behind distinguishing roles men and women play as a picture of the world and how this all strung together.

I have watched lots of TV and been numbed by other peoples passion to express there thoughts and feelings and emotions for far to long.

I be honest it crumples me up when I know you have everything yet all you share are the problems.

  • The Mr nothing ever happens with him kind of fellow.
  • The where is that book bloke, the bookcase full of old books that take up little room that niggle there waiting to be read again.
  • like those couple of pieces of information will come in handy some day.
  • And the missed appointments,
  • the schedules and congratulations over the phone that are simply not real,
  • the offers of running your own business in a wheel barrow full of leaflets and on the top of this god.

With a blog you seem to become your own news, your own space.

 I invite you to share your thoughts on the matter.

Ask me any questions about the dog, perhaps you live in London and what to know some things, I always do my best to answer, also I am a good listeners although any barking happens and I am off.

I noticed a card I printed out and away a couple of years ago at events here in London, if memory serves me it was from a collection compiled by Ryan Diess and one of his social media friends.

I may have even given you one.

Its a small business card with none of my details on it.

On the image logo it says never stop building relationships and to that five lines for you to hand right peoples telephone numbers along with a name or email.

I think I will print some more out because basically its not about me.

If you would like to speak to me about something, here is my skype name its robbwindow.

Updates WordPress, WordPress Direct and Kubrick Theme

In this video I talk about Kubrick theme and how happy I am with the current security updates with the plugin I recommended in an earlier post this year. I talk about some interesting books I am trying to read at the moment. I also talk about what I did today to come into my knowing, get my head into gear and sort things out in my bachelor pad.

I do go on a bit, the first thing you will notice is my name is Robert Bridge, I live in London and I am currently your buddy blogger here on this website. I go on a bit about WordPress and the fun I am having using the old Kubrick template. My mind goes back over eight years as a I reflect in this video about the good times of learning all this stuff.

What is great about this recent weblog is to see that I am just as passionate about blogging as I was when I first got a domain name, before that I was just blogging on Blogger, Myspace, Yahoo and Associated Content. I am really happy today and tell you all about that in the video, so if you get chance have a listen and please leave a comment in the new LiveFyre comments below, Youtube like you to comment there too, so please leave your blurbs.

If you are wondering what WordPress Direct is it is a place to upload your WordPress site to hosting, very popular in 2005, lots of successful business owners used Marties services and at the time it was really good, not sure what he is offering today or in-fact whether you actually need it anymore. It was good though I think I originally upload this site and trash Robot through the WordPress Direct methods.

Anyway I have gone on long enough, thanks for reading and have a great day.