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The information is changing so quickly its difficult to explain in any one place, but I do my best. My name is Robert and this is one of my pages. I am from the British Isles and live in London. I like writing. My main focus has been getting traffic to websites and social networking, but like I say I do like writing and creating rich media content.

Media marketing communications is the latest angle of diversifying and explaining what goes where in amongst all of the options we have on line. Writing content and code is just one of these departments that I currently invest my time. Its an idea to send me a message here if you are from the media, or a fellow friend from social media. I have a few ways we can get you advertised here. If you have come here from one of my applications, please feel free to bookmark this page.

Over the next few months I will be communicating with you as best I can through the most optimal methods available thanks to the Internet. If you found my profile via a social networking site please add me to other social media sites, you will find some buttons above, just feel free to click around I have made this site as user friendly for you as humanly possible. I shall continue to do such until my time is filled concentrating on more important matters.

If you are looking for help with promotions, or think for some reason I can help then send me an e-mail because there are minor flaws as you proberbly already know with WordPress, I am doing my best like everyone else to see these improvements to to happen. Infact many of the previous problems have already been solved you can either click around and search for the answers yourself or, again send me a message and I tell you all I know, ok.

If you are searching around and looking for my latest product or just checking to see if I have published that book yet, sadly nothing yet on the horizon, however some things in development right now, is the membership site, where some stuff will be freely available for you absorb. If you are a friend who has sent me free content, please do not worry I would never share someone else’s secrets, OK. That said I do read a lot and like a lot of other blogs, again if you make a decent or coherent enough comment I will approve it as soon a s possible. I generally login every other day to do this sort of administration.

About Robert Bridge

Robert BridgeMy names Robert Bridge and I live in London. I am originally from the Isle of Man and have been blogging for about six years. My mobile phone is an android and you can call me any time of the day if you have my number. I have a degree in Language and Media Studies and also have limited Cisco Networking knowledge of CCNA I & II. Things that I write about vary from technology and gadgets, news and social media. Other topics I have previously explored are poetry, semiotics, art, truth and health. Places where you can find me are Allpoetry, E-zine Articles, AC Content, Myspace, Blogspot Xemee. I also have a good knowledge of micro blogging, using Pipes to post images and video’s, most of which are found on YouTube, but sometimes I use Vimeo and Animoto.

My hobbies include going out the house and walking, jogging, swimming, dancing and site seeing. I also like reading, problem solving, troubleshooting and sharing relevant information to new and old contacts. My current goals are to progress more with the skills I possess and expand specifically on these skills. Some skills that I value are the ability to solving problems fast, I value this because I think this will be a key part of helping businesses online improve and adjust as and when the time comes to do so. I also enjoy reading books but most of what I read is now online so reading a book in bed or on the bus is generally what happens.

Robert just turned about 39 years of age and is looking forward to a prospective future career in either media related roles, teaching teenagers or helping businesses online improve. A good place that he has found to research more the roles of jobs is on Linked In. Robert is a member of many groups and attends many online live share to increase an up to date working knowledge about marketing. I have experience in sales, factory work, silver service waiter, kitchen porter and general labour.

Three years ago I had a book of poems published called A Mirrored Women. Before and after that time other poems have been published elsewhere, of hand two I can think of are The Wolf and The Delinquents both reputable about London fringe monthly and bi monthly magazines.

About this Website by Robert Bridge

This website is designed to accompany a series a sites to inform you of my work as and when I complete the tasks and goals I set myself. Some future works will include lists of commissioned work, events I have attended, product reviews, new gadgets and reactions to news. This website will be designed to operate on your mobile phone so please bookmark it on your mobile phone. My key objective is to keep up with the ongoing influx of information included within new media and continue about to try and grasp the principles of old media.

More Information about Robert

Living in London has put me in a key position to report on news as and when it comes to the city, some future projects I look forward to are the Olympics and the London Marathon. Other ongoing reports will come from Live Events, either poetry or musical fringe events or Marketing and Key person’s of Influence on various topics.

To find out more about Robert you can have a look around the three domains under his name.