The ugly truth about marketing online and the difference between IT and Media

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What are the pitfalls of Marketing?

Marketing online consists of three things, someone with there eye on the ball. What I mean by this is someone who knows the business market, after-all marketers need to make money to justify there place online. Online marketing like any other job is about making money online, this often gets forgotten when trying to do market research.

The thoughts marketers use to differentiate.

Coming away from a playful mindset and moving into a professional business mindset with no background in IT or marketing for corporate companies can create this dichotomy.

The Distractions between IT and Media

The distractions online are another part of this and one tip for avoiding the pitfalls of information is unsubscribe from e-mail lists especially ones that promote similar products. You could try subscribing from badly written e-mails or if you like just send them to your spam box and check them later. This is good because you can totally scrub your spam box when your in a rush. I suppose another tip is just simply don’t subscribe in the first place and concentrate on your own career path studies. But be warned by looking outside the box of any content educated or purchased may well be a few weeks out of date, and as you know the net is rapidly changing.

Why and How Marketing and IT differ?

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Microsoft office IT Suite

Those of the people with a background computing online will understand this question and why its an important consideration when taking that first step to market online. IT users are accustomed to Windows, have a networking background, they have an ability to learn generally quicker than novice marketers. This is because Microsoft have a big presence within industry, Apple users generally use anything that works, this includes Google tools and Google free documents and database documents. Marketers employed by companies like pharmaceutical companies have great traffic generation skills and are often more attune to SEO traffic generating tips and other methods to sell affiliate products. When I first started using computers the first thing that struck me interesting was the language and code. At that time it was using Commodore computers, and at the age of twelve I like many was writing my own software as instructed in the manuals, today with have books on HTML, PHP, XTML, Facebook’s FTBML, Ruby Rails, SQL database building. In It they teach more about Microsofts making forms or Adobe’s software to create amazing websites, edit and create photo’s and intergrate as well as create there own online software.

The key principles of utilising your IT or Media background

The key principles to understand the difference between those with IT backgrounds and marketers with a marketing background is this following rules according to the business they represent and the claims of business in which they specialise in. I think its important to add everyone who wishes to get employed in these sectors create a well placed narrative about there background, now you can take this at face value or you can simply understand that not everything is as it seems online, face to face or on paper, you can use software to help but gut instinct still has its place of earning cash online.

Making Marketing work for you online

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This is believe it or not what is on every-ones mind, bloggers technicians, researchers IT technicians, marketing administrators and micro niche marketers. Making money online is a saturated keyboard that reaches the hearts and minds of all writers online, although you will not generally heard this mentioned when talking to sales professionals although it is a must at the end of any pitch, some people throw in the link half way, others give it to you straight then rinse and repeat at the end of each paragraph and others just lead you into curiosity.

I like this style but the time deficit disorder online can mean people forget. This is why I feel it is still important to connect with people online, off-line, in the post, via the phone, on your prospects wall, entwined in there hard-drive and almost tattooed on the forehead of your projected project. Making money online is not easy.

If you find something that works please keep on doing it, maybe write it down. How do you know what part of the puzzle works, well this is due to a number of different tracking devices. If you can bring these together, if you can gather information from questionnaires and if you can correctly categorise and list your leads you will be on your way to understanding more about what works for you and what does not work.

If you are investing in help be sure you are focused on what you need, don’t be tempted by new funding to get loans, unless of course it is targeted specifically to what you need. For example if all you are interested in online is making money you will need a shopping cart and stuff like this, the best place to get training for this type of experience and certification is within reputable E Commerce companies.

There are many good E-commerce online academies based in the USA particularly in Idaho, be selective though this is a hub for internet training. Some academies offer grant systems where they pay a percentage of your training. If you are interested in the IT sector and live in Britain there is a good Academy linked in with called JosKos, check them out.

Who generally wins and who often Loose?

Winning is a mindset that comes with experience, if you do not have this experience, but have the ability to focus on  one clear goal and not get distracted by the wonderful abundance of information you should be OK.

However as much as you are investing in your education if winning does not come naturally or you like me and many others, used to taking second place should be investing a percentage of your time improving your mindset.

Try 10% or more of research into empowering your mindset through powerful speakers, tapping into your own enlightenment and redeveloping and realigning already set ideologies and finding new ways of sharing your future wealth.

Why does it not Matter how you Look?

There seems to be a certain set uniform that people are wearing as more people make money online. Similarly outside of your own home where you may do most of your online work to the workplace the styles change. Fashion is just one part of this, however I believe the video is another angle to be considered when meeting new people and attracting greater business into your life. The general uniform here in London seems to be suited and booted on top, with jeans and soft shoes down below, what the camera cannot see the marketers cannot loose. This is also an ode to the popularity and comforts of wearing jeans, however outside of the home the slippers you wear and the T-shirts you carry your message with in your profile can determine who you attract, remember you may not always wish to attract everyone. That’s attraction marketing, finding the right people to gel with. But as I say in the title, really it does not matter how you look, well what I mean is you cannot change the way you look but you can improve the way you feel and I think this is very important. You can tell a lot by the eyes and the lines on some-one’s face, this will come in handy when looking for people to work with but if you are just looking for people to make money out of again this comes in very handy and believe you me experienced marketers online are investing in these neuro-linguistic skills. Be mindful of this when communicating, every communication with new associates can determine the judgements they hold of you for years. Social Media and the reduction of attention due to the influx of people online has reduced many of these associations and marketers quick to judge have instincts based on there own previous mistakes so don’t take any of this to heatedly ok.

Why Ugly People can Still Succeed Online

Look if your taking offence to this then I suggest you stop reading now, it must be real hard being ugly but it must be even uglier if you are feeling ugly and not come to grips with your positive nature, those good points, maybe you do not yet have someone to love or someone you love has got rid of you and you are still hanging onto this. Maybe you have experienced hardship or you are not well and are just not feeling good right now, but believe you me this will pass.

If this is you and you take offence please stop reading and go some place else for happiness. Marketing is fun but its not that special its no different to anything else it requires hard work, focus, coherence and passion.

There’s the biggest tip it does not matter how you look, if you feel happy what you are doing is making you happy and you are sharing your happiness with other readers, friends and colleague’s then this will resonate infinitely better than what you may think.

Some people are troubled by there figure and physique, others are worried about loosing hair, or others like me are concerned about the grey’s on there head.

My suggestion here is if it is troubling you then either find someone nice to tell you it looks OK, or go out and change it. Its when you start letting things go that other things begin to get effected.

This can effect time keeping, it can effect your time management and it can increase to occupy your mind of other peoples rubbish in your own head, please if this is you then let go of this now.

How to know when to give up with Market Research?

  • You have drilled down through the market, you have followed step by step what it says in the instructions of the tools you are using.
  • You have followed leads, you have bookmarked everything in the right place, you have created content outside f the plain restrictions you follow in SEO and implemented every law available to guarantee what you do is worth what is says.
  • You have the products, you have the content, you’ve refined your adds, you’ve dipped into your pocket to advertise.
  • You have canvassed all your friends friends on Face-book or targeted demographics on Face-book and duplicated every famous add you’ ve ever seen in you life as well as churned out a million back-links and still feels like your getting know where.
  • You may have even began to let go and gone to flipper and added your domain to Flippa or something like this and still no results.

Here’s the thing,

Its ok to fail.

Every failure will improve your time on planet earth. Nothing should go to waste, it all builds up in my mind a great resume.

We have all been through the experiments and its using the tools that matters, and if you think the knowledge you have is enough I suggest you take a look again at the tools you are using.

They are constantly updating, new applications are being introduced and new strategies are being constructed as we speak, but if you already know something rather than talk about and share it with experts, get on with it, do it and earn lots of money.

Using other free tools can be very helpful implementing hybridised cloud based tools to extend your analytics and followers of blogs is good but remember its the people I think that consistently return to the places that work that you will find the real information. And even when you have got something special or you find people very helpful, most of them will drip feed you the information they have racked up on there auto-responder.

By shifting to Newsletters on Google this will help you widen you continuity and surprise your blogs followers. This is great with free blog platforms that do not get as much traffic as the WordPress 3.0 with all its SEO plug-ins and & ping mechanisms.

If you are getting traffic from the search engine, and making sales from magnetic designed blogs you need all the time to continue doing what you have already been recommended, but thats no excuse to invest in improving your skills making video’s or making your own images.

If you wish to improve your headlines you can begin to start answering questions even before you have been asked. If a lead or customer experiences a problem and you eventually find the answer recreate the problem then answer it, but be mindful everyone online are looking for content. Your creation and knowing is as much a product or howto PDF as anyone else’s.

Social Media generation
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