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Travelling East and want to get the best prices?

Recently there have been a few requests from people inquiring about going to India. Flying to India is becoming more and more popular from here in Britain. A couple of years ago before I passed degree I was in South London and was offered to learn how to be a great travel agent and estate agent I turned the opportunity down because I thought that this was not for me. In this post I have done a little bit of research for anyone travelling East by plane, I will mention the marketing values of doing this research and how you can track travelling expenses and plan your trip economically before you even leave, from the comfort of your own home.

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So lets begin the first place to start is of course a similar like minded blog that has already spent the time to do what it is I propose then go from there rather than waste your time on what Google has already given you. Interestingly I found this blog, the interesting thing is the blog is loaded with Google AdSense, the sure fire way of knowing that this blogger has already done a little bit of research, low and behold on further investigation the blog clearly shows an allegiance and belief in Marketing leverage. The good news is I agree  this can help you find cheap prices the bad news is this can be very complicated to navigate around even with my marketing knowledge.

The reason why people do this is because within marketing they think this will give them some sort of leverage within the niche of travelling, sometimes it is because they are in the process or already a member of an affiliate program related to travel luckily this blog post is the latter, and as already mentioned we can see from the blog the emphasis for monetization is through Google Adsense.

He could improve his Advertisements by using Google new affiliate add program. By doing this you get to choose the companies that advertise and tracking becomes far greater and the percentage of returns for advertising affiliates with Google in theory are far greater than just random advertising. So anyway here is the blog its called Cheap Flights to Thailand blog.

If you scroll down the page you will find a post called Beware of Low cost Airlines and in this post there is a link from market research on not just the relevant selected Airlines already researched by the website owner but also the recommended marketing solutions to the airports. This is good if you are a marketer and have marketing knowledge and know the value of doing this, but if you are just looking for the cheapest flight on the market there are much more simple solutions available.

Five simple solutions when travelling East

  • First have a look on the usual sites Ebookers, Sky Scanner and Cheap flights.
  • If on a budget you might want to change your timetable to departure to non peak.
  • Read up as suggested from those who have been and find out cheap things to do.
  • Go to Travel Agents and get catalogues from Thomas Cook, Sta Travel etc.
  • Before you go find out if currency converts better from where you are to where u..

Websites online to find out more about Travelling East

    1. There is one post I found from pay per click link on the search, the link came from the Golden Triangle group who pay to advertise, I assume this link has some affiliation with Golden Triangle but I may be mistaken. The site itself has some great content about going to India, all the information we have already explored and the key thing is a very simple website to navigate around. The site is called India Holidays India Tours, India Cheap Tour Package Deals .
    2. Sta Travel are a Travel Agent that deal with students,  if you are currently studying and wish to Travel East Sta Travel accept the NUS card you get from the Student union office, with this you can receive a discount on your travel and travel booking here is the most recent link within Sta Travel to Asia for you to explore. This is page on Sta Travel is called Cheapest Flights to Asia.



  1. The good thing about booking with Thomas Cook Worldwide is they not only offer accommodation packages combined with the flight ticket price they also have a great currency exchange, but I would advise you to check out the options as already mentioned from the destination it is you wish to go. In my experience I have found the Euro converts better in places like France than what the conversion is here in the UK, that applies to Thomas Cook, going to the Post Office to exchange, Travellers cheques and even having an arranged credit card that also offers currency conversion. This even applied to the last minute check at the train station where currency conversion is available. Here is the link to Thomas Cook’s combined Worldwide booking scheme from here in the UK.
  2. There are more exclusive sites available to on-line businesses, included within many marketing companies that offer a special search bar that finds you reasonable last minute prices on business class flight tickets. I have a link somewhere but am having trouble finding it right now, perhaps if you leave a comment with your website URL I will get back to you and post on your site this link when I find it. Similarly if you know the link I mean then please leave it below I am sure my readers will find it very helpful.
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Social Media generation
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