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Daily Planning for SEO continued…

A few days ago I wrote a post within the community of APSense, the post got a decent response which has really made me want to continue on the theme of SEO, but more importantly take it another step deeper; I invite to you to watch me over the shoulder as I share with you what I am about to do today or tommorrow.

My names Robert Bridge and I am a internet marketer amongst other things. Internet marketing in my experience has been about learning how to refine writing skills, finding new and original ways of researching and delivering content to search engines, keeping track of new and interesting dare I say systems, widgets and ideas. But mainly the core of internet marketing in my experience has been about networking online with other like minded people. Its only now that I am getting to know my audience and really taking the time to listen to what they are doing that I am actually getting the fundemental thing that all small business owners, bloggers and affiliates share and that’s the need for wholesome traffic.

Robert Bridge on APSense

Preamble: a Two Day Daily Planning Strategy


Now, as I am sure you are aware we live in a age of a ‘wonderful abundance of information’ ION 2010 and I certainly do not claim to be the hub or source of this information however I am confident enough to say I am tracking the good information for what ever I seek to do on particular day. Having a daily plan, if I am really honest has been scattered for quite some time; putting the pieces together when operating on a multitude of niches has not helped me focus on the value of what was shared with me so with that said this post is yet another experiment in which I hope you can follow and implement into your on online endeavours immediately.

If internet marketing is your thing or you have a small business or hiding away in the Biz Op world and haven’t had chance yet click the banner above to join APSense, its free you get a great point system for delivering valuable content and most of all you will be in a large community where active people are reading, commenting and sharing wisdom and the great thing is by doing what is reccomended via your home page you earn points sometimes lots of points.

These points go to free advertising, I just use this advertising internally but you could use it to pitch whatever it is you want to pitch. Now when I say this, this post is not an invitation for you to pitch to me, because I am sure you’ll agree I am very busy trying to plan, as indeed i recommend you do yourself. If you don’t know much about the economy at the moment a good source of future planning beyond today’s simple plan is check out Mike Dillard who is making an announcement on the 13th about the doom and gloom of the dollars future.

He has a whole year ahead mapped out all I offer here is what I am going to implement in the next two days, admittedly it will require commitment however I feel it will be a great addition to the simple SEO results I am already practising which I am short term confident will increase traffic and readership, if you are reading this then I am sure you concur.


I am confident if everyone take action the future economy prospects for small businesses like the Cashflow can be equally distributed but is a good idea to know about money and business, this post is not about that, you see how distracted I get?

Original Daily Planner of SEO

The original post about SEO was called Tips for writing posts that everyone loves and so do the search engines. – Blog on APSense you can read the full article that started me of on the importance of SEO and now this part is about analytics, tracking and using free software the increment things.

So part two is based on a thumbs up from the information sharing made on Facebook once again Friends on Facebook come up Trumps with sorting out the chaff from the wheat for me, sharing so much information can be difficult to actually find the time to put into practise, this is one of the reasons why things have often been very slow at getting done and also another reason why I often seem so distracted.


Original SEO TIPS

The first thing I noticed from the link is that Favicons on websites are definetely needed if you haven’t already check out SEO moz and see there symbol next to the URL on the page, I try and keep putting these things on the minute I make a website but sometimes things take a few days to add or a few weeks to implement. If you are using a static website or not using wordpress the code within your site should have some building facility where you can add your small png image they are basically branding food for the search engines to attribute your site with some sort of authority. WordPress has a good plugin whereby as long as you can save your image small enough or perhaps you already have a cool symbol on your harddrive that looks good enough to be attributed to your websites image then go for that upload option. Often all it takes is a letter, a smiley face or something similar to the name of your page. Anyway that was yesterday’s planning but something to take into consideration if you wish to rank better, be more complete and start of on the right foot.

Putting Pieces of the SEO Puzzle Together

Tracking your results on a website by using the right SEO tips is one way of quantifying and recording the results after-all its all very well reading tips and implementing them but if you do not personally know that these things are working you will not be any wiser in the world of SEO optimisation, you may know why you want optimisation for example perhaps you are building a bigger database or looking to find suitable people in-line with what ever it is you are in-line with.

If you have been doing this stuff for years you will already be tracking this, but whats great about the SEO moz post and why I am going to go into my Analytics and play around with Social Media links is that I have so much going on and so many different posts coming from various areas I wish to know what works what does not, why when and be able to download these results is very appealing, not just for my Social Authority or ways and means if need be of selling and registering a business but also all the social media synnergy around it.

In hindsight it is still a bit of a puzzle so after this I will go to my Google analytics account and start trying to segment social media sources that I use to get traffic, obviously some are more effective than others and in this time I am confident other blog posts around the world will be posted about better ways and means of getting traffic and I am confident the reason why they know is becuase they have analysed the effects of implementing the SEO and improving and updating the content.

SEO Analytic Global Village

These are the things Pinging devices cannot show you although if you track the bookmarked links for example or the double bookmarked web wheels to will begin to see dividends. Let 2011 be a year for lots of traffic to small and big businesses alike and lets hope if need be you can understand how important it is to seek your own systematic bespoken method. Knowing whats available is great if you know but don’t have the time you will know what to seek and where best to get the data from. Welcome to the Global village.

Social Media generation
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