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Servers in most cases is where we share our space and information, its like a hodge-podge of data, that is optimised in various ways. Here on WordPress Tags hold a lot of this space, and since Tags generate messages between WordPress and search engine optimisation this can create a lot of downtime. Keeping your tags down to a minimum will ensure you and your hosting server will be happy.

Memberships sites this week have been very instrumental in the content that I have chose to listen to. Since I am one of the lucky ones with an education, albeit an undergraduate degree I have also been reevaluating my skills and am in addition thinking about what can I do on a local level to gain the necessary employment to continue on with my curiosity and desire to fit into society.

About four years ago, I like many took a night course that taught me lot about the fundamental things you need to learn in computer sciences, throughput output OSI layers, leads, configuring early windows computers and speaking within the local system of what I am sure you are aware the LANS and WANS. Yesterday I took the initiative and went over to Cisco and find out what they are doing, I kinda missed the boat a bit, because they had an event in the UK about 4 months, but I did notice that they are having another next year. I went to the event and looked at the speakers, one of whom was the main representative of this broad based computer sciences company. Now Cisco employ a lot of people and the system they use to educate is fascinating, since all the knowledge is like learning a new language and many of the actions in contrast require hands on playing around and group activities, even before you have the option to pay and enter for the exam. A great bit of advice especially since the price of education has really increased I think public, private and further or adult education would benefit a great deal from this type of screening. Since Cisco works closely with most academic associations I am sure this stuff I talk of have already been explored, tested and thought about. So why am I going on about it here?

Well Membership site or sites have taught me a lot to and also by exploring the names of representatives of these organisations and companies I have found information even before I have needed to know it. So its a good tip for you when you partake in these things. It was a good thing for me yesterday because I spent an educational hour listening to an MIT lecture with one of the reps from Cisco, the video is over five years old. Yet it explains the trails and tribulations of an organisation that employs so many members and juggles between the interests of the world and the exchange of information between all stations. It also explained how to troubleshoot, this guy speaks really fast, I am sure if you are a Cisco Illuminati you will already know who I mean. I also liked the respect attributed with any member or employee within the organisation and the level of communication that is offered as standard for being in such a command post.

So back to the membership sites which is the main reason why I began writing this post, I want to briefly mention three membership sites that are on offer in the next few months. If you are busy or are already acquainted with the sciences and steps needed to succeed online or wish to take your business understanding to the next level I would consider these three very carefully. Again in my experience one is never enough but if you find one and stick with it statistics show you will get better results within that group and chances are you will increase your understanding of skills, therefore have a deeper focus of what you can and more importantly cannot do.

If you do not already know my name is Robert Bridge and I am the writer on this blog, I have many blogs and have experimented with many different ways of communicating with the World Wide Web. I have had many good recommendations of single skills I should focus on and have gone through like many of you various PDFs and programs from a number of different sources, to many to mention here in this post. Some of the deeper knowledge has actually come from the providers themselves, but more often than not the knowledge I learned in the PDFs and programs gave me the knowledge and terminology needed to ask the right questions. With the next three membership sites I will try and explain the terminology on offer and the skills you can look out for as the days unfold and the data to help is revealed. A word of warning though and this goes to me to, knowbody wants to be teaching tyre kickers, it happens every year and often is the case the programs you choose will lead into more in depth knowledge whereby your teachers scan build a better relationship with you and bespoke the things you need to learn ( bit like a fancy suit form Saville Row).

OK the three membership programs I implore you to look out for only if you have the time mind is: Success-Bug | Thirty day Challenge | Ninety Day Challenge.

My final note is that I attended a webinar last night and had a good time, it was very late and I enjoyed what I heard and actively took part in the exercises suggested in the notebook. Not sure if this down the the MIT Cisco video before hand that got me into my knowing or the fact that the host of the webinar is possibly one of the best hosts on online, well done Larry Loik, and I believe it was his birthday this week, judging by his Face book profile he appears to have teamed up with The Apprentice US A’s Donald Trump, hope that is not to much of an understatement since Larry is working with many people these days. Which reaffirms my curiosity and perhaps my shortcomings of studying lots of interesting things. Have a nice day.

Social Media generation
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